Friday, October 2, 2009

42nd Avenue Station Opens, Pioneers Wild Rice and Yogurt Parfait...

Photos by John Hoff

There's a trendy new coffee shop in NoMi, located in the old Camden Park State Bank building at 42nd Ave. N. and Lyndale Ave. N. It's called 42nd Avenue Station.

They've got WiFi. They've got plastic beverage containers made of corn starch polymer. Sometimes they have live music. And they feature a creative and interesting breakfast item: a wild rice and yogurt parfait. Indeed, when I searched the term "wild rice and yogurt parfait" I turned up only one Google hit; a brief mention on somebody's Twitter profile, click here.

I talked to one of the guys running the place, and he says they made a deliberate decision to be very green and use the biodegradable plastic, which supposedly goes from beverage container to compost in 180 days. I swear, I took my plastic latte cup home so I could do backyard experiments. Not even kidding.

I've been doing a lot of hanging around at 42nd Ave. Station, lately, and I highly recommend the place. It's also very conveniently located next to a laundromat.

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Jordan Neighbor said...

About the wild rice and yogurt parfait, it was delicious, a slight, natural sweetness probably from the blueberries and cranberries - the yogurt was good - and the wild rice added a good, healthy alternative to the typical granola parfaits that are common.

It's so refreshing to have a healthy AND yummy option at our newest local coffee shop.