Sunday, October 25, 2009

42nd Ave. Station Features Live Bands And (OMG!) Biodegradable Plastic Cups!

Photos By John Hoff, Jeff Skrenes

Here are some photos and videos taken at 42nd Avenue Station shortly after it opened. This coffee shop has clear, fast wireless internet, a great selection comparable to major coffee shop chains and--oh, be still my green, green heart--BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC CUPS!

Unfortunately, 42nd Avenue Station has pretty much ruined me as a customer for any OTHER food service establishments. See, ever since I used their biodegradable plastic cups, now whenever some other business hands me a regular plastic cup I think...

..."Geez, why are you using regular plastic? Why don't you use GREEN plastic?"

I'd sure like too see this "green plastic" trend take hold in American society. Imagine roads free of plastic litter because, gee, the litter breaks down into compost when exposed for several months to rain and sunlight?

Since 42nd Street Station is really green, I'm going out of my way to promote and patronize this business. Our emerging NoMi lifestyle is green, and getting greener every day. To paraphrase Lennie "The Heckler" Chism, there is a kind of green I'd like to bring to North Minneapolis:

EVERY kind.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to reiterate (sp?) the point that this a great place in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! When you're thinking you want a cup'o'joe why not take your business to a local establishment?!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to remind people how yummy and HEALTHY their wild rice and yogurt parfait is!

Woo-hoo - i'm all fired up about d'lish-ous healthy food!