Monday, October 5, 2009

Demolition Discussion On 2222 4th Street North

Photo by John Hoff

Twenty-two twenty-two 4th Street North is a cursed property. First, it is owned by notorious slumlord Mahmood Khan. Second, it was the place where murder victim Annshalike Hamilton was found. This crime is still unsolved.

Now comes word that... council may be near lifting the "stay of execution" on this dump. Here's the word that I heard via email:

Our voices have been heard! I complained to Hofstede about the property at 2222 4th St N. This is the dump where that young pregnant girl was found dead a few years ago.

(JNS says: seems like a few years ago but, in fact, it was only the end of 2008)

Mahmood Khan got a stay on the demolition of this property, if he fixed it up. Well if any of you looked at this dump and the crappy work he has done on it, you would know that his rehab plan has not been followed. It is a complete disaster. The work is barely up to code. I complained to Hofsted about his work and I just noticed this on this week's PSRS meeting agenda!

Property at 2222 4th St N:

Rescind Council Action to stay Order for Demolition; and Authorize demolition
of structure.

Staff report: 2222 4th St N


ADDENDUM: A neighbor sent me more information about this house, as follows:

I had the opportunity to see the inside of this property last week. The house is a trip. He turned the duplex into a single family house. The up stairs (see johnny northsides photos from last year) is now 3 bed rooms and 2 living rooms and the kitchen is on the main level. The living room (where you first walk into the house) goes at a slant...if you had a ball it would roll all the way to the far corner. To get to the upstairs bedrooms, you have to go out side, past the basement doors and thru another set of doors, to a steep stairwell, and the ledge is still there, (potential danger to kids) He did put brand new windows in, the fitting didn't look right, but, then I am no contractor or carpenter either.

I am not sure what you guys are looking for in a property, but, I can only express what I have seen.

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