Monday, October 12, 2009

Hawkman Gives Context to Tweets

Guest post by the Hawthorne Hawkman. Image from

I drove John to Alexandria for his upcoming trucking gig. These mini-road trips are becoming somewhat of a Hawkman-JNS tradition. Once we stopped in Alexandria for the coffee I'd need to drive back, I looked at his tweets and realized it was like he was tweeting only half of a conversation. I thought I'd give a little more detail to a few of them...

According to some NoMi facebook pages, the squads we noticed at Dowling and Lyndale were responding to a hostage situation at "38th and Bryant." (38th is actually the number Dowling would be) The word on these pages is that the suspect surrendered and no one was harmed. GBT4P!

My iPod tends to play certain songs at very appropriate times. We've got a kind of connection that R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker. And the one song that always seems to come up on these trips is Dada's "Dizz Knee Land."

Then, a song called "Girl in the Hi-tops" came on that John liked enough that he wanted to tweet about it. I told him it was by "my favorite artist that nobody's ever heard of," Peter Mulvey. "Make sure you get that in there John. M-U-L-V-E-Y." But of course he didn't. Geez, kinda hard to raise awareness about a very cool guitarist WHEN YOU NEVER SAY HIS NAME.

Continuing in the tradition of very apropos song selection, my iPod played "Ultraviolet" by the B-52's just as we were pulling into a rest stop. If you haven't heard the song or don't click on the link, the song actually talks about a man and a woman at a rest stop. If you DO happen to know the song or click on the link, let me be absolutely clear that John and I did NOT do what the two protagonists in the song did at said rest stop.

And finally, a song called "Ask Me in Nebraska" came on, which is about a guy on a road trip with his girlfriend who wants to put off having that 'define the relationship' talk for a while. The fun connection here is that Jonathan Rundman used to live in NoMi AND he and I went to the same high school up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Small world.

Have a safe trip, John!


MeganG. said...

Can't find the Jonathan Rundman song on the web.

Anonymous said...

does the guy want to put off the talk or does the girl want to put off the talk?

The Mortgage Geek said...

Ah yes, that wasn't clear. The chorus (sung by the guy) is "Ask me in Nebraska, gimme some time, I might know by then. Ask me in Nebraska, I promise to let you know."

But the last words of the song fade out with the repeated line, "But I know right now, yeah I know right now."

I believe that song was written to a woman he was dating at the time named Dawn. They have been married for quite a while now (10 years or so I think) and have two adorable children. So the song itself does have a happy ending in real life.