Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Photos Of The Metro 100 Party (Patron Tequila Provides More Than Just A Good Buzz)

Photos By John Hoff

One shot of the Patron Tequila Girl is good, but I figured several shots would be much better.

Note the last photo, which features a black Patron Tequila bar cloth. Right after this photo was taken, I asked if they had any "stuff" they were giving away which said "Patron" on it. Eager to please, they actually handed me the bar cloth, geez! Well, several days later, I used that bar cloth to remove a somewhat-hot radiator cap.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE A RADIATOR CAP UNTIL IT HAD COMPLETELY COOLED? Well, because my friend was going remove the cap one way or another, despite my emphatic advice against it, so I was all, like, well heck if I'm going to let YOU do it and get burned, because I'M THE MALE, damn it. Radiator fluid spewed forth--like I knew it would--but not as much as you'd think, because so much of it was leaking out the bad water pump which cost a bunch of money to fix.

ANYWAY! That Patron Tequila bar cloth sure came in handy and I shall use this post to mark its sad, premature passing; completely saturated with radiator fluid.

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