Sunday, October 4, 2009

Your Choice of Soda, Sir?

Guest post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman

Ed Kohler pointed out a rather disturbing phenomenon on his Facebook page, and I had to find out if was actually happening here in NoMi as well. Soda pairings at fast food joints. It is indeed here at the Burger King in Hawthorn Crossings.

When you order a #3 with fries, a white-gloved sodalier will come to your table and ceremoniously uncork a vintage 2003 Coca-Cola classic imported from Mexico in the glass bottle (soda aficionados know that pure cane sugar--NOT high-fructose corn syrup--is used south of the border AND the glass bottles retain the flavor far better than plastic, without the metallic ting), pour it reverently into your wax-paper cup, and allow you to savor the aroma before adding the precise number of ice cubes the customer wishes in order to complete the dining experience.

Granted, this is the same company that came up with their own line of PERFUME, so we can probably assume that soda pairings are tongue-in-cheek. But is there a more pertinent sign that we need higher-quality restaurants along Broadway?

(Do not click "Read More," but do go to Tooties on Lowry or Victory 44 if you want a good burger/wine pairing.)


veg*nation said...

well, at our bk, you get dinner AND a show.

Anonymous said...

I have seen BKs not only recommend specific sodas, but give you options for mixing different sodas together to pair with your food. This has to be the fast food wave of the future, and I think some sort of Sodaier (now this incorporating this word into my lexicon) certificate course is necessary.

The Mortgage Geek said...

@2:07 anonymous: if we're going to start popularizing an entirely new word, here's what I had in mind:

Expert wine tasters are sommeliers. So I just called it a "sodalier." I believe the correct pronunciation would be "so-dah-lee-AY."