Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fifth Ward Candidate Lennie Chism Pushed Woman From Moving Car, Can't Have Guns For Two Years...

Stock photo, debri from "Uncle Lennie's" demolition site, by John Hoff

Fifth Ward Candidate Lennie Chism is many things: a not terribly successful building developer. A notorious disruptive heckler. A man who lost his business property to foreclosure. And now, according to the Fourth District Judicial Court, Lennie is a woman-abuser and a potentially dangerous man.

According to Judge Jay M. Quam, Lennie shoved a woman from a moving car and can't have guns for a year.

Lennie Chism is known to be married. Despite this, the woman (Monika Caren Shannon) appears to be...

...a former mistress or ex-girlfriend, based on rather blatant and obvious information and inference from the court's detailed Amended Order For Protection, dated September 17, 2009, at 3:39 PM. (Court file no. 27 FA 09-6177) Information developed while this post was in progress shows Lennie and Monika were involved in a business venture together, click here for the website. The business is known as "American Computer Support" but doesn't appear to have any recent activity on its bare-bones website. 

Chism himself--speaking in his own defense--tried to describe Shannon as "a woman scorned." Why Lennie was with this woman in the first place--borrowing her car, en route to a wedding--is not fully explained in the document, though access to a full transcript of the court proceedings would hopefully answer some of those questions. For now, I have the court's order.

Due to the fact putting this document in PDF form would take me another day--since I don't have access to the equipment right this moment--I'm going to type out the order verbatim. Let the reader judge the truth of the matter.

* * * *

The above-entitled matter came for hearing before the Honorable Jay M. Quam on September 17, 2009. Petitioner appeared pro se and was accompanied by an advocate. Petitioner's address for service is (address withheld at the discretion of JNS blog, but it is not in Minneapolis). Respondent appeared pro se. Respondent's address for service is 1901 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

(Note by JNS: this is not the address Lennie uses at 2519 Emerson Ave. N. while running for public office)

Based upon all the evidence, and all of the files, recordings, and proceedings,


1.) This matter is before the Court for an evidentiary hearing on Petitioner's Petition and Affidavit for an Ex Parte Permanent Order for Protection, filed on September 1, 2009.

2.) During the September 17, 2009, hearing, Petitioner and Respondent testified under oath. Petitioner and Respondent also both submitted exhibits in support and opposition to the Order for Protection.

3.) Petitioner alleges that on August 30, 2009, Respondent physically assaulted Petitioner. Petitioner's affidavit describes the assault as occurring in the following way:

Last week I wanted to end my relationship with the Respondent. I had been letting him use my car, but I wanted to get it back. When I told him I wanted him to return my car, he refused to cooperate in giving it back to me. We were supposed to go to a weeding (sic, presumably "wedding") together on August 30, 2009 so when he came to pick me up, I planned to take my car back then...

(Paragraph break not in original document)

When he got there I asked him to give me the keys to the car and I told him I would drop him off wherever he wanted to. He refused to do that. He became angry and was swearing at me, saying, "Screw you! Fuck you! You do it my way!" He wanted me to get in the car with him, but I did not want to. I was standing in front of the car so he would not leave. He got out of the car, yelling at me and swinging his arms, saying, "You're really pissing me off! Get out of the way!"

(Paragraph break not in original document)

When I tried to reach in twice to get my keys, I he (sic) grabbed my head and pushed me out of the car. Then he started driving, dragging me until I fell and rolled. That caused a scratch on my ankle and my shoulder, knee, and butt hurt as a result of the fall. Once I fell, he stopped the car and got out to help me.


Petitioner's testimony in Court was consistent with her affidavit, and it was creditable. The Court accepts Petitioner's testimony as accurately describing the events of August 30, 2009.

4. Respondent denies Petitioner's allegations. Respondent states that Petioner was overreacting and that he had agreed on multiple times to return Petitioner's car to her. As to the events of August 30, 2009, Respondent states that although both parties yelled at one another, Petitioner's injuries were purely accidental and not the result of Respondent's intent to harm Petitioner.

5. Respondent further states that Petitioner is a "scorned woman" and that Petitioner obtained her Ex Parte Order for protection simply to react and tarnish the Respondent's good name.

(JNS says: LMFAO)

The Court rejects this assertion.

6. The Court finds Petitioner carried her burden of proving that Respondent inflicted fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault under Minnesota Statutes 518B (2009). Accordingly, the Court should issue an Order for Protection against Respondent and on behalf of Petitioner at this time.

7.) Petitioner was born on 08/28/1976.

8.) Respondent was born on 07/9/1965.


1.) Respondent SHALL NOT COMMIT ANY ACTS OF DOMESTIC ABUSE against Petitioner.

This specifically includes:

A. Causing imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault.

B. Causing fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, or assault.

C. Making terroristic threats.

D. Engaging in criminal sexual conduct.

E. Interfering with an emergency phone call.

2. Respondent SHALL NOT GO TO OR ENTER the residence of Petitioner at (address withheld by JNS blog) or any future residences.


3. Respondent SHALL NOT CONTACT Petitioner in person, by telephone, by letter, by third party, or by any electronic means, such as pager, cell phone, e-mail, etc. EXCEPTIONS TO NO CONTACT: NONE.

Respondent shall have no contact with Petitioner at Petitioner's current job site, or any future job site.

4. This Order for Protection expires on September 17, 2011.


A violation of this Order may be a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. A misdemeanor violation may result in up to 90 days in jail, or a $1,000 fine, or both. A repeat violation may be a gross misdemeanor, and may result in up to one year in jail, or a $3,000 fine, or both. A police officer must arrest and take into custody a person whom the officer believes has violated this Order.


A violation of this Order for Protection is a deportable offense. If you are not a United States citizen, a violation of this Order could result in your deportation.

This Order for Protection is enforceable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, tribal lands, and the United States territories. Violation of this Order for Protection may subject the Respondent to federal charges and punishment.


Respondent must not possess, ship, transport, or receive any firearm or ammunition while this Order is in effect.

8. Petitioner shall give notice of any new address to the Domestic Abuse Service Center and to the local law enforcement office.

A. A copy of this order must be forwarded to the new law enforcement agency within 24 hours of notification of a change in residence, whether notification is given to the Domestic Abuse Service Center or to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the applicant's new residence.

B. An Order for Protection is enforceable even if the applicant does not notify the Domestic Abuse Service Center or the appropriate law enforcement agency of a change in residence.


Dated: September 17, 2009

Jay M. Quam
Judge of District Court


Anonymous said...

ok, so lennie turns out to be an actual (not just a metaphorical) thug. sure it's creepy, but i don't see anyone falling off their chair from shock.

what i actually DO find somewhat shocking is that a formerly quasi-respectable person like don allen would make the decision to foist this person on us to represent our neighborhood, and to hold up as a paragon for young people in the neighborhood to admire and emulate. come, on, don--tell us how it's not fair to hold every single little thing against lennie, and how it's important for us to put the future of our neighborhood in his hands.

JNS Reader said...

Johnny, you tease...

Anonymous said...

I chalk it up to bad vetting by his advisers. It's basic campaign management strategy 101 here. Always, always, ALWAYS ask your candidate the following question before he or she files for election:

"Have you ever thrown your mistress out of a moving vehicle? Yes? Then I advise you to STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE PUBLIC ARENA."

Anonymous said...

What the hell Lennie?

T Jaramillo

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell the TC Daily Planet to get a clue:

Anonymous said...

Apparently Lennie & Monika were involved in some kind of (failed?) venture together:

Johnny Northside said...

To the commenter above...

That info is so good that I'm putting it right in the post, which is still in progress despite already having six comments associated with it.

Well, now 7.

Anonymous said...

For the record you can see the incident happened on 8/30 that would be after Lennie's entrance into the public arena. I'm sure there's more to this story then we're getting.

Johnny Northside said...

Are you saying you DID vet your candidate, you just can't control him? Ha ha.

Yes, I'm sure there's more to the story and that's why I'm licking my chops, hoping a transcript will come my way. In the meantime, I'm more interested in why the address Lennie is using vis-a-vis the court is NOT the one he's using for residency in his little run for public office.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9:19: "I'm sure there's more to this story then we're getting."

You mean, as in "she must have been asking for it"? This slogan will certainly appeal to the pro-domestic assault constituency, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do you have no respect for people? Im sure this Monika woman does not want her private affairs being aired out by the likes of you. Get a life buddy and respect peoples privacy.

Johnny Northside said...

Well, if Monika wants to tell me that personally, she has an opportunity to do so. This is a court matter and a public record. I did take the step of not publishing her home address.

Do you have any criticism you'd like to direct at LENNIE or are you saving it all for me, special-like?

Anonymous said...

Public record does not make it your business to go posting it on your bs blog. If thats the case why arent there any other posting about other people who have taken or have orders against them. Totally insensitive. Your problem is with Lennie not her. You're wrong Johnny dead wrong. Karma....

Anonymous said...

JNS your antics of trying to bring down Lennie Chism will not help Don. I heard him this morning at the Salvation Army Community Meeting. Keep building the hype JNS.

Who is Monica Caren Shannon anyway? I have not found anything on her. Do you know if they have kids that can be reading your stuff by the way? If so JNS, you would hate for your son to read anything like this about you.

The Mortgage Geek said...

I was at the community forum at the Salvation Army this morning as well. I will say that Lennie's words about the necessity of small businesses that hire from the neighborhood were well-spoken. I'm glad those words were said because they needed to be said.

I just wish someone ELSE had said them, because, well, what has Lennie accomplished? Don Allen keeps on asking for accountability regarding job creation, and I applaud that. But has Lennie Chism created jobs? Can anyone stand up at a public meeting and say "I have a job at such-and-such a place because of Lennie"?

It would have meant more if Lennie's good speech had come from someone with a shred of credibility.

In terms of whether this information deserves to be public, if Lennie were just a regular person speaking his mind at community events as he tries to make a go of things in his neighborhood, I'd say we ought to have a fair amount of discretion about his private life--even the parts of his private life that are of public record.

But there is a distinction here. Lennie is running for PUBLIC OFFICE. If elected (and I predict at this point he won't even be a significant factor) he would be responsible for and accountable to thousands of people. That means actions like this--ESPECIALLY ones that ARE of public record--become entirely pertinent in terms of revealing the kind of person he is. The public has a right to know and anyone who has the information has a right to disseminate it.

Julie said...

To Anonymous @ October 2, 2009 9:36 AM:

Hello, it's Lennie that doesn't have the respect or else M.C. wouldn't need to have gone to court, ahemmmmmm, and make the issue of his violent and dangerous behavior a matter of public record!?! You see, M.C. needed to make it PUBLIC that Lennie was violent and abusive so she could be safe. That is why there is a public record.

To JNS at risk of hitting somebody's rant button:

The unrealistic expectations of these Anony is walking down the middle of the street and not expecting to get hit by a car (watch, it will happen and people will act surprised like they were entitled to walk in an area designated for large moving vehicle). Lennie is running for public office. Period. It's my business, your business and the entire 5th Wards' business because he wants to get PAID with our tax dollars to do a PUBLIC job. It's not only newsworthy and of substance (two of the main criticisms I see on the posts from Anonys), but my God, a reason why I won't vote for him. So, let be focused -- this is nothing short of violence against woman. Where is his public apology?

To Anonymous said October 2, 2009 11:27 AM:

The restraining order being a matter of public record does make it our business to posting on a blog on newspaper or KSTP CH 5. Again, that's why it PUBLIC. For the public to know about and discuss. I mean, what are talking about? A publically elected judge had to ORDER Lennie (a man seeking PUBLIC office) in a public court room to stay away from M.C. How do you figure this is private? It might be personal (like, geez, he's got some personal problems), but private? Ha. Oh, and I do recall JNS writing all about Jerry Moore's failed attempt to get a restraining order. Of course he was represented by Kristi McNeily at the time, another alleged domestic abuser (he wrote about that too) according to criminal complaint (wonder if she ever got that tooth fixed that her daddy allegedly knocked out?). Ha "Totally insensitive." Right. Holy crap, this sort of drama enjoys no sort of kid gloves. Wait, wait, wait -- let me try hitting the sarcasm font -- Johnny Northside, your bad, bad, bad and now its your fault that -- opps, I hit the sarcasm font again (that's karma for ya). So, let be outraged for just a tic: What the hell?!? A judge found him to be dangerous enough to order that he cannot have guns. Holy crap. Gives a whole new meaning to "Throw Mama from the Train"

To Anonymous October 2, 2009 11:55 AM:

Lennie Chism seems to be the only one bringing Lennie down. The only "hype" right now is that you can't trust Lennie around guns for the next two years. "Who is Monica Caren Shannon anyway?" Well, ahhh, the woman Judge Quam, and now, any law enforcement agency that get a 911 call from her, believe is in danager if Lennie breaks the restraining order! "Do you know if they have kids that can be reading your stuff by the way?" What, a censorship plea by pulling the "they might have kids that might find out" card? Please hold the parents responsible for the internet cites they visit. But then again, they probably already suspect something since visitiation would probably have to be altered with this new restraining order.

People, where are the shame on you Lennie comments??


Anonymous said...

Man!!! He might be getting charged for that stuff . If this is for real then it is a criminal act. Did he go to jail? Where are the mug shots, dude I'm just say'n? Where did this stuff happen like what city? Is it some police records of the assult in that city? Are those public record too?

If he elected will our councilman have to do jail time, then who will create imagination jobs? What other criminal acts has this guy done? This aint just come out of the thin air. Do we know everything about this guy we should know, or is this just a quick peek? Can I trust a dude like him to keep my kids safe in this city? Man I'm tired of who dudes who hurt they women. For real. Hard to get a quality date after fools like dis. For real.

Don "Faithful to the GOP" Allen (No MPLS has no Delivery Dem's) Allen said...

At Hobbit-man: Every dog has their day. Some rivers will run dry, while others will crest and flow study. "It takes all types to make up a community, no one person is better than the other - and while I have never endorsed any candidate for the 5th ward, I look at the piece they (each candidate)might bring to the table. You see, children aren't bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere."

I challenge the Authors of this Blog to ask two questions to the current ward 5 councilman - the one I supported earlier this year until some information got back to me.

1. Who got most of the EZ money in North Minneapolis.

2. Why can a fire department be built in Edina for $80 p/sq.ft. and Catalyst/Ackerberg Group is doing the old Delisi's at over $100 p/sq.ft.

I smell a rat.

1. What

Frederic said...

GOP Man ~ Don't think you can compare the cost of new construction to a rehab. Also, what information got back to you that has you supporting someone new?

JNS ~ you should ask Jonathan Palmer about the EZ money.