Friday, October 2, 2009

Video Surfaces Of "John vs. Alleged John"

As I reported previously, click here, on Labor Day some residents of the Jordan Pond had quality face-to-face time with a crusty old white dude dropping off a suspected hooker. This snippet of video shows the moment where I was at his car window and pulled out my camera to snap a picture of his face.

As the (suspected) John stepped on the gas, I yelled, "You're famous!"

Ironically, I didn't actually get a picture with the camera, since it takes a moment to focus and warm up. We sure did get his license plate, though!

Please note: the guy who shot this video checked with the other resident captured in the footage to make sure it was OK to put this on the internet. Several other residents who were gathered around the incident were edited out of the tape.

This kind of thing happens with alarming frequency. Even with recent stepped up enforcement, residents can drive around any night of the week and see hookers and dealers in plain sight.

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