Friday, October 2, 2009

Council Member Don Samuels Says, "When It Comes To Race Relationships, The Division Is Destroying The Opportunity For Love That Can Change Our Lives."

Yesterday, at a fundraiser in the Mill City Cafe, Council Member Don Samuels recalled having his very first Northeast fundraiser at that location, with some of the same folks gathered. He spoke of a more hopeful future and better race relations based on love and mutual understanding.

When Samuels first ran for city council, he was told voters in Northeast were "racist" and would never support a black candidate. Samuels said he was glad to find out this wasn't the case, and in fact Northeast became a base of power. Of course, ward boundaries have shifted confusingly--and the Mill City Cafe is no longer in Don's ward. All the same, it was an enjoyable fundraiser with a number of prominent individuals gathered there, including Ward 1 City Council Member Paul Ostrow, and County Commissioner Mark Stenglein.

Also there was Kevin Reich, one of the co-founders of the PEACE Foundation, now a DFL-endorsed candidate for Ward 1 and widely presumed to be the likely winner. (Paul Ostrow is not running again, after 12 years of representing Ward 1)

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