Friday, October 2, 2009

Metro 100 Party Included Launch Of Naked Grouse Scotch...

Photo By John Hoff

Last night I was working hard, drinking free tequila and Scotch at the Metro Magazine party after being named to their Metro Top 100 along with my good friend, Ed Kohler of The Deets Dot Com. I'm very glad the article conveyed information much more important than, oh gee, my colorful personality: like how joining your neighborhood association is the best way to improve your surroundings, and calling 311 is not only helpful, but downright addictive like eating potato chips.

I have a lot of pictures from last night's bash...a lot of blurry drunk lens pictures, if the truth be told...but before anything else I wanted to give a shout out to Ryan Adams of the Lake Calhoun Boys, who had a gig for the night or whatever promoting Naked Grouse Scotch. This stuff launched in Minneapolis because, apparently, folks here are in a position to say what is or isn't good Scotch and spread the word to the rest of the country.

Obviously, I'm not going to GROUSE about free Scotch, ha ha, but this stuff really was smooth and flavorful. And I was delighted to learn Ryan Adams knew quite a bit about the NoMi branding effort and hailed from the most northern of the North Minneapolis neighborhoods: Shingle Creek.

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Note said...

Hey, Johnny Northside, thanks from The Naked Grouse team for your mention! We're glad you enjoyed your taste of TNG, and we hope to see you again soon!

Johnny Northside said...

You are welcome. And for more of your truly fine tasting Scotch, I'll be glad to give you plenty more mentions as my revitalizer friends and I drink at our backyard bonfire and policy discussions.

Not even kidding.