Thursday, October 1, 2009

Al Flowers Is "Thinking About Backing Out Of The Mayoral (Fill In The Blank)"

Photo From (notorious loon) Al Flowers Public Facebook Page

As of two hours ago, Mayoral Candidate (Of Crazy Town) Al Flowers had the following on his Facebook page:

"Let's support Al Flowers, who is thinking about backing out of the Mayoral race."

Here is a link to his page, click here. Now would be a good time to support Al by telling him it's ok to back out of the Mayoral Race and get on with more important matters, like earning enough money to pay his water bill in a timely fashion.

I might add this REALLY TICKS ME OFF. I am, like, apparently one day away from some super hot Al Flowers info, and it won't be nearly as much fun if he's not actually in the race. (To the degree he's "in the race" at all)

ADDENDUM: Al Flowers has now changed his Facebook status and claims he is NOT backing out of the race. Printouts exist of the old status before it was changed. What gives? Is this his idea of "truth to the people?" Saying one thing and then fibbing about whether he ever said it?

ADDENDUM: Situation is now that Don Allen called to tell me Al was thinking of backing out of the Mayoral DEBATE, not the Mayoral RACE. I am looking into these matters and hope to get the matter clarified soon. Al Flowers--who speaks of "medium income" and building more "lie-berries" has never been especially well known for crystal clear communication. Whether he's in the DEBATE or in the RACE the result will be the same: Rybak by a landslide, and a small, motley group of Al Flowers hangers-on moping in Farheen Hakeem's backyard on election night.

ADDENDUM: I now have access to a copy of the FB screen shot, and it's funny as can be: Flowers raving about how do these rumors get started, right above a post saying he's thinking about backing out of the Mayoral RACE, which Al had apparently not yet figured out how to delete.
"Truth to the people" indeed. How about "Facebook literacy to the people"?

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The Mortgage Geek said...

If he backs out, who's left to tell the truth to the medium-income people at Broadway and Colfax?

Anonymous said...

I got FOUR cops that say....

I got FOUR cops that say....

Anonymous said...

this is the awesomest news day EVA!

Don "GOP" Allen said...

Al Flowers is not backing out of the Mayoral Race.

The Mortgage Geek said...

Do I sense a JNS pdf file showing those printouts?

Johnny Northside said...


It just occurs to me that I copied and pasted THOSE EXACT WORDS right off Al Flowers' Facebook profile.

The word was RACE not DEBATE.

And printouts exist.

The Mortgage Geek said...

Is this the debate that will be on MTN and nobody's confirming whether RT will even participate? (Which means he's not going to bother with these also-rans)

Why even bother with that debate now? That's like saying you're going to hold court without the King OR the jester.

Anonymous said...

Next time grab a screen shot and post the pic of the FB page. You could also scan the printout you have, it would be fun to see.

Johnny Northside said...

We have the print out, and hopefully it will get up...but Al Flowers is such a fringe player, it's like...who cares?

Anonymous said...

@ JNS 5:18: i don't know if "care" is the right word exactly, but i do think that you are serving an important service by putting the facts (and the evidence) out there as a counterpoint to the neverending river of misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories that some people in our neighborhood spend their lives generating.

Anonymous said...

This neighborhood is notorious for lies, misinformation and conspiracy theories, but JNS is just as guilty as the rest of them. One post of truth does not budge a history of slanderous defamation.

Anonymous said...

I love the internet!

Steve Brandt writes: "...Al Flowers, needs a remedial course in African-American history."

AMEN to that!!!

Anonymous said...

A Multi-Dollar Victory
Flowers v. Don Samuels, Paul Ostrow et al.

Some people are perennial candidates for office. Al Flowers is a perennial thorn in the side of the people who make it there.

In a September 2007 lawsuit, Flowers alleged that City Council Members Don Samuels and Paul Ostrow retaliated against him for comments made on his public-access television show Real State of the City. The show was taken off the air after a segment in 2005 in which Booker T. Hodges called Samuels a "house negro" and said that "we have to learn from Nat Turner's mistake, and we have to kill the house niggas, we got to kill 'em, and that's what we're doing on this show." Allegedly fearing for his life, Samuels met with the head of the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network, who took Flowers' show off the air for three months. Flowers filed a grievance and the show was returned.

A U.S. district judge ruled in November that Flowers' free speech rights had been violated and ordered the city to pay him $3, plus fees for his lawyer, Jill Clark, a solo practitioner in Golden Valley, estimated to be approximately $50,000. City Hall did not appeal the decision.

Clark says the remarks on Flowers' show were taken out of context, and were clearly not a call to violence. Under the First Amendment, she says, "even if it was a comment about killing, there is wide latitude to make your point. You don't have to be devoid of all passion." She says the city has publicized Flowers' history of litigation (or civil rights activism, depending on whom you ask) to portray her client as a nuisance.

What's the deal with the $3 in damages? "It was very important to be vindicated by the jury. If he'd been doing it just for the money, he probably wouldn't have done it in the first place. He did it because he thought it was important," says Clark. "If City Hall gets to shut down television shows that criticize City Hall ... it's not long before none of us can say anything."

—Jessica Thompson