Monday, October 5, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Lennie Chism Arrest Document In PDF Form Contains Horrible Details Of Lennie's Controlling Rages, Threats, Violence...

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First, let's get right to the most informative part. Here is a link to the Lennie Chism arrest report, click here.

The long document, which describes the incident in bits and pieces, contains interesting and shocking details, including the following:

Lennie Chism, a married man, reportedly threatened to post nude pictures of his girlfriend on the internet. During an argument, Lennie allegedly pulled her hair. A vicious dispute took place over ownership of a bed, with Lennie finally showing up and just taking the bed, according to a witness.

According to police, Lennie and his girlfriend, Monika Shannon, were pulled over AT GUNPOINT after leaving in the vehicle during the domestic violence incident which became the basis of the restraining order against Lennie. This blog is trying to determine whether criminal charges are pending against Chism.

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Anonymous said...

What a psychopath. I can see why Don Allen idolizes him so much.

Carey Joe Howell said...

I think you should remove Monika's address and plate number of her car if you can.

Anonymous said...

Now, I know this may sound crazy, but did anyone ask if Monica Shannon might have deserved it?

Anonymous said...

Steve McNair could only be so lucky.

veg*nation said...

Anon 1:41 asked: "did anyone ask if Monica Shannon might have deserved it?"

why yes, i believe that every misogynist who believes that broads need a beat-down every once in a while, and Lennie is just the broke-a$$ loser to do it, has probably asked themselves that question.

Anonymous said...

Lennie Chism got off lucky. The pissed off woman killed the from TN Titan quarterback Steve McNair. Hell he just got a Protective Order not a coffin. Get a grip.

Anonymous said...

I rarely get to this blo but the past few days have been pretty interesting in regards to Lennie Chism. I dont know if anyone has read the entire police report from the most recent incident but there are so many inconsistencies in Monika's story I can't believe the police bought her story and in regards to the bed hilarious,she sounded like she was upset she came home to find the bed he gave her was gone....theft....i think not. If she was so afraid of him in June why did she continue to date him thru August of this year. Jimminy Crickets dont you have anythin better to post other than a love affair gone wrong. If she wanted to break up why didnt she do just that. Makes no sense.

The Mortgage Geek said...

Steve McNair was a former NFL quarterback. He was murdered by someone he was apparently having an affair with. If I remember right, it was a murder-suicide.

Unless 1:56 anon was also being sarcastic, I'd put that comment in the absolutely inappropriate bin as well. And maybe even if there was sarcasm.

But as you say, free speech is often messy.

Johnny Northside said...

To Carey Joe Howell...

Since Monika isn't contacting me to ask for that information to be removed from a public report, I don't see where it is necessary.

I haven't put that info in the blog post itself but it is part of the document, which is an official police document and introduced in court.

Her address is associated with her business, as well, on which her name and Lennie's name appears. In ain't my job to try to keep hidden that which is already very public, the plate numbers and so forth. I've practiced what I feel is an appropriate degree of discretion. Lennie already has all that info, and it's Lennie she needs to worry about. In any case, Lennie is a public figure and it's a sorry mess, is what it is.

To anonymous at 1:41, her name is spelled "Monika" and, yes, I agree it does sound crazy. What kind of misogynist crap are you spewing? Are you being sarcastic? Please manually note that with the words "sarcasm font."

To Anonymous at 1:56, I don't see how Steve McNair has much to do with it.

veg*nation said...

i actually think that it is significant to see posters writing in to minimize and/or rationalize domestic assault.

the fact that these mindsets are in fact out there is all the more reason for any of Lennie's supporters who actually DON'T condone domestic assault to step up to the plate and call Lennie out on his behavior, and to state that it is not something to be swept under the rug, and that you are withdrawing your support from his campaign because of it.

this issue is of far greater significance to our community than Lennie's candidacy ever was.

Johnny Northside said...

Almost ANYTHING is of far greater importance to our community than Lennie's lame candidacy...unless he has some way to cheat and get more votes than he'd get in a fair election.

But, yeah, I'm shocked to see misogynist views thrown out there like that. But then again...being the comments are anonymous, who knows who is behind them?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't for bashing black men JNS, I would find your blog boring. As far as Lennie Chism is concerned, I do find it interesting about the bed. Think he ever gave it back? Sounds like he like crazy women for sure. Most would have left her alone after that. Real story is she seemed to have a hard time letting Lennie Chism go. Did he hit her in the second incident, did not say in the report?

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence is no small matter. This is the kind of person that can "accidently" kill someone. It is very scary to think that a person like Lennie is running for public office.

The fact that this guy is unapologetic to the community in which he hopes to serve is terrifying because, it's a display of arrogance and contempt. This man is inwardly ugly and evil.

Lennie is the stuff thugs are made of.

I definately won't be taking the likes of Lennie for granted. He's obviously a user and an abuser.

What he did to that woman was only a drop in the bucket of things to come from him. Does anyone remember how bad the 90's were. What a world. Al Flowers and Lennie Chism in office. Can you say "New Jack City"?

Anonymous said...

JNS in all fairness, Don Samuels has had restraining orders placed against him on a couple occassions. This just brings that history up for him too. Now do not be a punk and post this comment.

veg*nation said...

@ JNS 4:06: LOL! it must be Jackie You-Know-Who--she's behind EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

I've been around North Minneapolis awhile to know that Lennie Chism, and his friends Don Allen and Al Flowers are each self-serving miscreants of North Minneapolis that don't mean the community any good.

Each spouts about North Minneapolis' failings, but when it comes time to roll up our sleeves to make change happen, neither one is capbable of initiating the first steps toward change. They each talk and talk and talk a good game, but it's all hot air with no solutions.

Why even give either one of them the satisfaction of having his name appear on this site?

Anonymous said...

Psychopath is right. Does anyone actually think that this guy has a chance at the office he seeks WITHOUG it being an Iranian/Afghani style election.

Anonymous said...

Don Samuels had a restraining order filed against him for harrassing a pediphile minister in his church - dare I mention which of our esteemed ministers...HINT: His daughter forgave him for raping her.

I will take Don calling that behavior out over Lennie pushing his lover out of a car!

Anonymous said...

Actually asking if an assault victim deserves an assault is crazy. Are you freaking kidding me? Lennie goes all caveman on the mistress cause she doesn't want him to use her property anymore and, by the way, this relationship isn't working. The only appropriate response a real
adult (or adult man) should have to that situation is to say ok and give the property back and make himself scarce forever!

Did she deserve it? I don't care
if Monica is a nice person or a bitch. Doesn't matter, keep your
hands and any weapons (or auto) off her. Walk away. Be a grown up. Be a real man.
Get a freakin clue! Did he "bump" her with her own car in self defense???

Johnny Northside said...

I agree with your comments wholeheartedly, but must point out it's "Monika" with a "k."

Check out this article in the Star Tribune:

This blog was unable to confirm whether criminal charges were pending, as rumored. Oh, gee, the Star Tribune managed to confirm it. Good job, Steve Brandt of the Star Tribune.

Anonymous said...

With that being said isn't it only fair that we hold off on our personal convictions of Lennie until he has been proven guilty in a court of law? What happened to innocent until proven guilty or doesn't that apply to a man who's running for public office?

Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny since you're such good friends with Lennie Chism why didn't you just outright ask him if there were criminal charges pending?

Anonymous said...

What is the "setup" and ex-boyfriend? What made her so made she went got the ex-boyfriend for help?

Anonymous said...

JNS the police report states he is an ex boyfriend. And she just had him show up as her backup. Report states Lennie Chism felt he was "setup" during the arrest. Victim have been lying for years too JNS

Anonymous said...

It's shocking to me that in spite of the fact that it wasn't even the victim, but a witness, who called in the incident and gave a statement to the police, that some people still insist on calling this a "set up" by an "angry woman."

I guess the only person who some people believe is never innocent until proven guilty is the woman.

It's sickening to see people going to any lengths to deny, minimize, and rationalize violence against women, claiming that "she made it up," and, at the same time, "she must have deserved it."

Other people (Don Allen, cough, cough) just stand by and condone it with their silence.

Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous At 9:04.

Knowing my "good friend" Lennie as I did, I figured he'd never actually answer the question, but would spend a lot of time comparing his tribulations to those of the great men of history.

To Anonymous at 9:17.

Even if we were to assume Lennie wasn't lying about this, and the witness was an ex-boyfriend, then he certainly exhibited much better and kinder "ex-boyfriend" behavior than raging abuser Lennie.

In regard to the standard comment one always sees about "innocent until proven guilty," that is a legal standard, not a social standard. I'm free to have my opinion under the First Amendment that, based on the evidence, Lennie is guilty.

And a bad, disreputable character. But see my editorial in a more recent post.

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence is a very serious matter one that should not be taken lightly but come on not all men (and women) who are accused of assault are found guilty that's for the courts to decided. From the sounds of it this man has already been convicted without the jury. Who's to say Monica and her ex-boyfriend didnt set up Lennie? We don't know what happened.

Anonymous said...

"Who's to say Monica and her ex-boyfriend didnt set up Lennie?"

gosh, i saw an attractive car parked in the parking lot today. someone was obviously "setting me up" to steal it! and then, somebody was rude to me at starbucks--they must have been "setting me up" to hit them in the face! i'm such a VICTIM! lol

Anonymous said...

Okay for one, any guy that lays his hand on a woman is a punk. Lennie Chism is the biggest punk out there. In regards of the bed, the man came to this womans house while she was gone, intimidated a 15 year old boy to take what a gift he gave to his girlfriend because they broke up.

Did Monika deserve this, HELL NO. For the idiot who asked this question, how would you like it if you were beat. Cause I'm sure there is a man that is more than willing to do it to you for that dumb question.

Monika is a single mother of 2 boys who dated a cheater that has a daughter of his own. Since Lennie can treat a woman that way, do you think he will be happy for a man to treat his daughter in the same mannor What goes around, comes around. Karma will bite him in the butt one day.

This man should be laughed at for even trying to run for office. I hope his wife kicks him out of the house for good and his daughter never wants to have anything to do with again.