Monday, October 12, 2009

Mahmood Khan's Slumpire

Guest post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman - note what may be a record of three times the house number is recorded in Sharpie

Recent events regarding 2222 4th St. N in Hawthorne have led me to wonder what the rest of Mahmood Khan's properties are like. He or an associate has offered to bring me or Johnny Northside on a tour of his properties and that invitation has been declined. But a concerned NoMi resident passed on a list (which may or may not be comprehensive) of Khan's properties. Most are in NoMi.

This first post will simply be a list of the properties. You can click on the property address to go to the city of Minneapolis link for open Truth In Sale of Housing requirements or other assessments.

A photo gallery is forthcoming. I'm hoping to get this all up tonight, but there is a LOT of slumminess to wade through. NoMi residents and others, feel free to use the comment section to add more information about these or other Mahmood Khan properties. And without further ado, here is the list:

4011 Dupont Ave N
3414 Emerson Ave N
3238 Bryant Ave N
2722 Oliver Ave N
2639 Oliver Ave N (TISH not required, condemned building requires code compliance)
2631 Newton Ave N
1604 27th Ave N
2906 Emerson Ave N and click here for a list of assessments.
2714 Emerson Ave N This property is clearly occupied but there appears to be no rental license.
2813 Aldrich Ave N A provisional rental license is currently in review.
410 30th Ave N
315 Buchanan St NE - No TISH on this property, but it is clearly a commercial multi-unit property and it may not be required.
818 44th Ave N
321 24th Ave N
2222 4th St N - This property is condemned, so a code compliance is required, not a TISH, but click here for a list of assessments.
2135 4th St N
2414 Bryant Ave N
2223 Emerson Ave N - license in review
1621 22nd Ave N - license in review
2116 25th Ave N - no TISH, license in review
2123 Oliver Ave N
2008 21st Ave N
1607 Hillside Ave N (House of Poop!) - click here for assessments
1714 Oliver Ave N
1827 Oliver Ave N - no TISH issued, code compliance required
2007 Russell Ave N - license in review
2126 Queen Ave N
1204 Knox Ave N
1001 Logan Ave N - no TISH, code compliance required. Click here for assessments.
1800 LaSalle Ave #104

I should note that this would be a lot easier if the city allowed regular people to search property information with the owner's name as a search criteria.

Photos of slumminess forthcoming....


Anonymous said...

What a sleeze. It is amazing how much damage one greedy person can inflict on a neighborhood.

I just hope the city is working on revoking all of his rental licenses.

We really need to raise the bar when it comes to letting this stuff slide.

Johnny Northside said...

I know it's a load of work putting in all those links, and much appreciated by the neighborhood. Keep up the good work, Jeff.

Carey Joe Howell said...

He has had people living at 2135 n 4th st for at least 8 months.
It looks like none of the inspections issues have been resolved. So what's up with that?

Anonymous said...

4011 Dupont is up in my area. That property was a livability problem for a long time before it went into foreclosure. Having it currently empty is preferable to occupied.


foxmarks said...

315 Buchanan is a notorious hole in the Beltrami n'hood of Northeast. I’ve talked with Khan a couple of times and he insists he screens his tenants. If so, his screen is in backwards.

jim said...

If mahmood asked 2 take a tour of his properties obviously he has nothin 2 hide.if u turned him down whos fault is that?my family ni have lived at 315 for almost 6 yrs.n the only problem i have seen is the house next door that gets mad at mahmood for renting 2 ne1 who isnt white n starting fights with the tenants when they get drunk or smoke their crack or their meth.why would u want 2 take his rental licences n leave all these families without their homes?yes theres probly bad tenants but mahmood can onlx give people chances out of the kindness of his heart n people c hes a gOod person n try 2 get over on him ive heard it all my check is late or it was stolen u name it ive heard it.than after stringin him along without payment he evicts them n what do they do take it out on his properties burning them down breakin windows pipes even leave urine n fecies again u name it theyve done it.he cant babysit his tenants.just get rid of the bad ones loyal tenant jim.