Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Predatory Offender Court Case Brings North Minneapolis More Hope...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff
(Just because he wears a white hat doesn't
make him a good guy, yes, it's Spanky
Pete out on the town)

Despite the fact North Minneapolis has more than its fair share of predatory sex offenders who have been negligently dumped in our midst, with Department of Corrections paying little heed to a state statute which is supposed to reasonably limit the number of Level Three sex offenders which our vulnerable neighborhood can absorb, at least the courts have been giving residents of North Minneapolis some encouraging news, lately.

First it was a United States Supreme Court case which was pretty much anti-pervert, a case which this blog wrote about shortly after the ruling, click here. Today comes word the State Court in Minnesota is following the legal trend in a case called State of Minnesota, ex rel., Kelley Ray Bottomly v. Joan Fabian, Commissioner of Corrections. (Click for a link to the case)

The bottom line of Bottomly is this: it is sufficient if authorities simply avoid being "arbitrary" and they are "actively exploring options" which will allow an offender to be released is sufficient for DOC to comply with the offender's rights.

So if DOC were to say, sorry, you can't go to North Minneapolis even if you have to remain in jail because...

...North Minneapolis is already at a saturation point so (buzzer sound) you lose, try again.

That would be fair. And, more importantly, LEGAL. At least under my interpretation of the case in question. The case is in regard to a Level 2 sex offender, but it clearly applies to Level 3 sex offenders, as well.

So here's my message to DOC.

Please, READ the court ruling.

Please, APPLY the court ruling.

Please, STOP stacking the sex offenders in our North Minneapolis neighborhoods. We're screaming, here. We're saying WHOAH. WHOAH!!!!

Please, take a few of these sick puppy deviants BACK.

You know this blog will never let up. NEVER. Not until North Minneapolis has no more than its fair share of sex offenders which is far, far less than it has now.


Anonymous said...

Dapper pete on the street never knows who he may meet.Pocket pool...perverted fool how 'bout we snip the tool?Walking tall struttin' proud never know who's. in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently the DOC could give a shit about important court rulings because when I got home Charles Swanson had his mug featured on a L3SO notification flyer stuck on my door. He will be residing on the 3600 Block of Girard.

This is our 2nd new L3SO in the Folwell Park neighborhood just this spring! And I saw metioned in a comment on a previous post that Folwell is already a "killin' zone" so I bet we really don't need any more criminal deviants.

Johnny Northside! said...

I consider the comments of the first poster to be general in nature, and not a specific threat directed at Spanky Pete.

For now, Spanky Pete has a god-given Constitutional right to safely and freely walk around with his, er, "tool." In my opinion, the man should be locked up for life as a dangerous deviant likely to re-offend, and it's too risky to have him running around loose but, well, that's just my opinion.

Folwell Fox said...

Sometimes I get the feeling that the city doesn't want normal, employed, degreed, or even military people living in NoMi. Maybe our Ivory Towers just need to be built up a little higher to ignore the problem entirely. Works for them!

Pond-dragon said...

We all struggle with accommodating diversity, including the Ivory Tower. The view from this perspective is that there are Ivory tower mentality people. Not necessarily that when folks walk into city hall they get an Ivory Tower Mentality.