Monday, June 21, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Slumlord Bashir Moghul Hires Attorney Ferdinand Peters

Bashir Moghul slummy property stock photo and
blog post by John Hoff

Bashir Moghul--whose abundance of extra slummy properties with extra slummy tenants has placed him somewhere in the Top Ten Worst Slumlords of North Minneapolis...

Bashir Moghul--who, it must be stated, is not as bad as slumlord Mahmood Khan, but if a murder victim ever turned up in the garage of one of Bashir's properties, well, then it would then be a tie ball game....

Bashir Moghul--who once actually had the audacity to say, at a Hawthorne Housing Committee Meeting, "I come to this Committee with...

...great humility."

(Does everybody see the glaring contradiction in that statement?)

THE ONE AND ONLY SLUMLORD BASHIR MOGHUL has retained legal counsel.

Ferdinand Peters--who has represented other North Minneapolis clients far more sympathetic than Bashir Moghul--contacted Johnny Northside Dot Com to state he was Moghul's attorney, and would be trying to help "clean up the mess" with all the Moghul properties. Peters' tone was friendly and conciliatory, which is much appreciated.

In my opinion, Moghul clearly needs legal counsel and Peters has a reputation as both a skilled lawyer and a profoundly decent human being, somebody who provides necessary legal advocacy but doesn't specialize in bad, unsympathetic clients whose one redeeming feature is an abundance of funds to pay their lawyers.

I would prefer to see Moghul's slummy properties fall into the hands of starry-eyed first time home owners instead of yet another round of dubious real estate investors whose only distinction from Bashir Moghul would be fresh lines of credit. But I'm not holding my breath to see that happen, nor is this blog planning to let up on Bashir Moghul any time soon. However, when Bashir makes good moves and progress, I hope to learn of that and report it fairly and squarely.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Ferd Peters does not have that reputation of being "decent", as you write.

Ferd Peters is SCUM OF THE EARTH. But he is also a manipulative psychopath, and charmed you by kissing your ass. He may be scum, but Ferd is not stupid. Ferd knew you would write about him, and if he was sufficiently ingratiating to you, then your review would reflect positively on him.

And guess what? Ferd's ass kissing worked just as he planned, because he knows he is dealing with Johnny Northside, a flaming narcissist who eats that shit right up.

Yum Yum

You are just so predictable Johnny. And so dumb.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you admit it Johnny? You were played by Ferd Peters. You ate his brown nosing up. Made you feel important for a moment in your obnoxious little life. Why don't you want to post my comment telling the truth, LOSER?

You only post ass kissing comments that fuel your ego, is that right?

Jesus Christ you are a pathetic little specimen of a man, aren't you.

Johnny Northside! said...

I really don't know what your beef is with Ferd Peters. My opinion of him remains unchanged.