Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Fatal Shooting On Thomas Ave. N.

Contributed photos, xoxo, blog post by John Hoff

There was a shooting in North Minneapolis tonight on the 1200 block of Thomas Ave. N. Click here for a brief story from Channel 5.

These photos which were kindly shared with me and I am sharing them with readers. Beyond that, I don't have much more information.

I did get this snippet, however. At one point there were rumors of a "police involved shooting" but those rumors were apparently false. In my experience, false and dramatic rumors ALWAYS swirl around the scene of shootings.

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la_vie_en_rose said...

Sad. I was wondering why I heard a lot of sirens go by earlier.

Shakira said...

See there you go again. Whenever you show pictures of a shooting it's all black people. When you want to show pictures of people planting trees and stuff it's lily white what's up with that?

Really? said...

This summer is not off to a good start. I was hoping we could make some real progress revitalizing NoMi, but we've been going in the opposite direction.

At least as far as my friends and co workers downtown are concerned, NoMi has a worse reputation than it did a year ago. I hope it's not time to move out.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should ask Robyne Robinson the same question Shakira.

CMarie said...

This in incredibly sad! It feels like things are going backwards in NOMI, I had/ still have so much hope for this area, it felt like there was progress. As far as the comment about 'pictures of a shooting its all black people'... really? Well it is pictures of a crime scene, who ever is around is around, I feel sad and sorry for the decent people there that have to put up with a horrible crime, someone died and someone chose to end that person's life, and who ever you are Shakira, you have to poke fun at race? It is disgusting. Everyone needs to work together to fight crime no matter where/ who it comes from, crime is crime, and killing someone is the worst kind. It kills me that this is a very lovely area of Homewood, nice homes and families surround this block, I walk my dogs through here and always see kids at the Farwell Playground, it is always full on a sunny day, I don't want fear to spread through here.
I always see people out in the courtyards of this apartment complex at all hours of the day and night. The management of that building needs to hold residents accountable, someone there knows EXACTLY what happened and they NEED to come forward for the person that lost their life.

Johnny Northside! said...

Shakira is beyond a doubt one of the "inauthentic voices," one of the trolls who just comes around here to stir stuff up, talks in various voices, assumes different identities.

Homewood Confidential said...

I took a walk around the scene perimeter from my home 2-3 blocks away. The photo is completely accurate as shot. There was a large crowd of black area residents out on Plymouth Avenue. A crowd of largely white residents was watching from near Sheridan Avenue and Farwell Place, across from Farwell Park, about a block away.

The photo is as it is because of geography, nothing more.

NoMi Passenger said...

Shakira, John's email addy is listed on the front page header on this blog. Send him some pics and stories of the positive events that you are attending with (more) diversity or more black folks in attendance. It'd be a great contribution to this northside blog.

Or, post them on some other northside blog/site and tell us where we can see and read about them.

Thanks! I look forward to them. (Heck, I have a blog and I'd be glad to share them there too!)

Anonymous said...

I'm mad cause all the pictures of rainbows and pots of gold are filled with white unicorns and short irish dress in green! STFU! Midgets, trolls, unicorns all trying to keep a brother down! Its a conspiracy!

Gordon said...


You're exactly right. We are backsliding this summer. If anyone's keeping score at home it's:

Thugs: 72
Revitalizers: 0

Pond-dragon said...

4:40 Anon
To funny thanks for the giggle:
Pots-o-gold are kind of like Irish Whiskey invented in Ireland!