Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Slumlord Keith Reitman Loses 1415 West Broadway To Tax Forfeiture...

Contributed cell phone photo, April 14, 2010,
blog post by John Hoff

First of all, dear readers, don't get all excited because 1415 West Broadway is NOT the "ugly ass chocolate brown building" which has achieved micro-celebrity status here on Johnny Northside Dot Com. No, rather, 1415 West Broadway is a vacant lot located nearby.

Rare is the day when Keith Reitman doesn't manage to turn real estate into profit somehow, such as the way he managed to sell 1564 Hillside Ave. N. to a buyer who turned out to be completely fabricated. So it's kind of surprising to hear Keith...

...lost a piece of property--ANY piece of property--to tax forfeiture.

But lose a piece of property he did, and here is the legal notice, click here.

Notably, the ownership record of the property mentions James Lang. Yeah, there was a James Lang payout in the property records for 1564 Hillside Ave. N., as well. Who is this James Lang?

Oh, also, special thanks to my behind-the-scenes help who matched up the property number with the actual property address. Wow, it sure helps to read the "legals" in Finance and Commerce. You never know what might turn up.


Anonymous said...

Of and on over the past couple of years, I have occasionally wondered who the incredibly creepy man was who kept pestering me at a 4th precinct function. Now, thanks to this photo, I know! All this time I thought it might have been William McGaughey. Sorry, William McGaughey! At least it wasn't Spanky Pete.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Considering that it looks like I could have cancer to look forward to in my near future, I'm glad it wasn't our building. :P

NoMi Passenger said...

@ Rose - sorry to hear that - I'll keep your health in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know what's going on and if/how we can help. *crossing fingers for you*

la_vie_en_rose said...

Thanks, Megan. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too. They found polyps in my stomach, and now the genetic counselor is talking about doing a colonoscopy to see if I have some there because these polyps are associated with certain cancers. Colon cancer runs heavily in my family (my grandfather died from it in April), unfortunately.

Johnny Northside! said...

Would you like me to come by and chat with you some time? Contact me by email if so.

I hope things turn out OK for you. Also...I'm sorry, I just can't let up on Reitman. He needs to make that building look nice and he's about as stubborn in regard to THAT issue as he is with maintaining a neat appearance on his FACE. Why doesn't Keith just say, you know, I've heard enough about this and I can go along with the program."

Friedman's reportedly did. Merwin's certainly did. But Keith? It's like he has ROCKS in his head.

Johnny Northside! said...

But, again...I'm sorry. I'm sorry things have been rough for you and you will be in my prayers, honestly.

la_vie_en_rose said...

I don't mind chatting with people. I'm afraid I can't really have visitors at the moment. My disabled son is extremely terrified of people he doesn't know, and well, people end up being a little terrified of him because of his disability, sadly. He screams a lot because he has communication problems, so that can be unnerving for people (and it's why we haven't made any new friends since he turned two).

Actually, I need to get out and start walking again, and it would be nice to meet people. Ever since the robbery last year, I haven't ventured very far, except to let the dog do her business and then clean it up. I think my husband is a little fearful of me walking around here because of what happened.

NoMi Passenger said...

Rose - I get out alot around NoMi for walks, Jordan POnd, Theo Wirth, Farview Park.

Let me know if you want to come sometime, dogs and/or kids, regardless of their issues, are more than welcome.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Is Jordan Pond a part of Jordan Park up by St. Olaf? I haven't been to Jordan Park yet, but I have been through the area while driving to So Low.

Hm, Theo Wirth appears to be close to my oldest's new middle school. I haven't been in that area yet. How big is that park? My husband loves to take pictures, and I'm always looking for new places to go for him.

Daniel Rother said...

Johnny and Audience,

What benefit does it bring to keep up name calling and trash talking Keith Reitman?

It would be my pleasure to read about specific violations at KR's properties. Yes, the ones I have seen are ugly but then again most of north Minneapolis is.

If you want economic growth and beautiful projects, encourage gay bohemians to come to the neighborhood. See
Until then please keep us informed on actual damages directly responsible from KR's lack of color coordination and obvious crimes of fashion.

I have been severely wrong in the past but please bare with me as accept the nature of goodness in people and do not judge them if they choose to let their property go into foreclosure and then have a relative buy it back for 25 cents on the dollar (not me).

KR is not the first or the last person in the neighborhood to let the property rights revert back to the original owner on paper (the United States of America).

My 2 cents,
Daniel Rother

emma. said...


My mom had a big colon cancer scare a couple of weeks ago. It runs in our family as well but it turned out she doesn't have it - which is wonderful as she has enough other issues to deal with! I really hope that you get similar news!

Is your son involved in any early childhood special education services where he can socialize a bit with other adults and peers? I work with lots of kids that scream a lot and are non-verbal.. I bet we would get along. :)

Anonymous said...

No hot water, toilet leaks
Slumlord looks the other way
Broken tiles, carpet reeks
Amid the squalor, children play

Dark and dingy, bare wires hang
Slumlord looks the other way
Frig topples over, with a bang!
Young ones cry and run away

Rats and roaches have free reign
Slumlord looks the other way
Rotting windows, shattered panes
Moths and spiders join the fray

Heat went out September last
Slumlord looks the other way
Temperature is falling fast
Huddle near gas stove all day

Fluid seeps from musty vents
Slumlord looks the other way
Notice came, must raise the rent
Forever needy, they will stay

That's it, you gone and done it! said...

What building is that, I am trying to think of it...but I just can't grasp it? Is it the vacant lot that just got tore down? Or is it Dementions in hair? Because I know 1411 W. Broadway I just can't picture 1415 W. Broadway Give me an idea thanks.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Emma, I hope it ends up that way, too. I guess it's better to do all of these tests than to be sorry later. I may still have to have surgery to remove the ones in my stomach; I'm not sure yet. As for my son, his behavioral specialist at Children's mentioned some programs that might be of use to us, but the problem with Jamie being in a program like that is that he has the tendency to kick, pull, and punch other people (it's difficult to know how to discipline a kid like him). Lord knows that's why I've never been able to get childcare for him in the past.

Anon 9:21, cute poem, but my apartment isn't really slummy (on the inside; regardless of how it looks to people on the outside). This place is the Ritz, seriously. I've lived in slummy before. When my oldest was barely a year old, our family rented the upper portion of a duplex in my husband's hometown in Indiana. There were roaches (thanks to our neighbors on the bottom who never cleaned their place), and I swear to you that the bathroom was a complete mess. The toilet jerked violently if you sat on it, and there were holes in the floor -- you could see downstairs into the neighbor's bathroom! We were constantly afraid to use the bathroom because we figured we'd end up falling through the floor. The landlady refused to do anything about it, so we moved. Thank goodness that whenever we have a problem here, it's fixed right away.

That's It, I'm guessing that 1415 is the vacant lot between 1411 and the hair salon's building (which is 1417, I think).

NoMi Passenger said...

Rose, the Jordan pond is at 27th/Logan, it isn't really on any main streets so you wouldn't go by it unless you meant to.

Theo Wirth Park is huge, really. Huge. It's the flagship park of the whole park system, which happens to be the or one of the best park systems in the country, so saying Wirth park is the crown jewel should give it some perspective.

If your Hub likes to take pics I would recommend going to the wild flower garden, go down Wirth Parkway, cross Hwy 55, and there will be signs and entrances for the wild flower garden on the left, pull into the entrance, park and get on the trails. Other cool areas of Theo Wirth are the Quaking Bog which is also down south of 55 but on the right side.. lots of other good trials that wind up through the woods, or open, paved trails throughout the park.

another great place to go, which is in NE, is Boom Island, go east on Plymouth, cross over the river bridge and turn right into the Boom Island park.

Anonymous said...

Somebody, please, once and for all, tell us who James Lang is.

Anonymous said...

So the topic has changed from Keith Reitman, to walking in Wirth Park. That must make everyone a troll by this blogs rules. Including me and Megan I guess.

la_vie_en_rose said...

Thanks for letting me know about Wirth Parkway. I love flowers, and that sounds like my idea of paradise. And we've already been to Boom Island and the various islands down by the river. Lots of nice pictures from those trips.

It's funny how people talk about trolls. The trolling on this blog (and I'm not lumping the real anonymous opinions with obvious troll work) is a walk in the park compared to the sites where I've been an admin/mod or the sites where I just go to have fun. Those see some serious trolling (hacking and ddosing as well).

emma. said...


Depending on your son's diagnosis there are definitely some places that he go for childcare or other services. Personally I work mostly with kids on the Autism spectrum or with related neurological disorders and we see it all.. When I used to work in the classrooms there wouldn't be a day that I would not get bit, hit, pinched, etc. A lot of the schools that have early childhood ASD and DD programs in Minneapolis are well equipped for that as well. I know a lot of parents end up being afraid or feel bad about their children's behaviors but in the end early intervention is so incredibly helpful - it's much easier to tackle hitting and kicking when they're tiny than when they're teenagers. :)

Of course I don't know you and your family or the details about your son so I may be way off... I don't want to come across like I'm telling you what to do. I just can't help but speak up about kiddos like this since it's my field and all.. I'm a Mental Health Practitioner at Fraser Child & Family Center - I supervise some of our in-home staff, I'm a Hennepin county contracted Case Manager, and a Visual Consultant there.

I'm glad you're plugged into some services at Children's. I work with a lot of kids that go there for various things.

Over the course of a few days my mom had every test imaginable poking around inside of her tummy - definitely doesn't sound like an exciting ordeal but it's good to find out what's going on.

Good luck with everything!

la_vie_en_rose said...

Jamie has a rare disorder called 18p Deletion Syndrome. Doctors don't know enough about it besides a few specifics that occur in almost every known case of it. He has a few disorders on the side (a cognitive one just being diagnosed last year at his previous school in Indiana), and we're still not sure what all he has.

He's been through Fraser before (he's too old now, of course), so I wish I could find something similar for him, but unfortunately, thanks to what happened to us when we lived in Minneapolis in '05 (that was the first time we moved here to get him help before we had to move back to help out my mother-in-law), I've figured out that we can't really have any other services for him. He has an IEP through Bethune, and they charge insurance for what little therapy they give him, so the amount of time allotted (160 hours? I can't remember right now) is already used up by the school.

He already has a Case Manager (Don Clariette), and he just turned ten, so I don't know what more can be done for "early intervention" since nothing was done early enough outside of pointing fingers at us. I'm still on the receiving end of that, too. His previous and current schools can vouch for me that he eats and eats and eats, but he doesn't get any taller or bigger...yet some of the protein/calorie findings are low. Obviously, he has something strange going on, but instead of figuring out what the cause is, I have another group of doctors on my hands that would rather me shovel food down his mouth 24/7, which can't be healthy.

Sorry for being a grouch, but Jamie's been a miracle child thus far, and I really wish we could find some help, but after all we've been through, I've become very cynical. The only understanding person I've talked with so far is his physical therapy supplies coordinator from Gillette and the genetics department head from Cincinnati (even if he was more blunt and cynical than me, lol).

I'm sure you've spoken with parents about the amount of stress they go through, and I'm just another one added to the list. I haven't had a worry-free day in 9 3/4 years. Haven't had a break either, lol, but you do what you do because you love your kids.

emma. said...


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write a response! We've been so busy with our house and family came into town and blah blah blah.

I'm glad you've had access to services, seem to be knowledgeable about what's out there, and have access to multiple people in the field. I know it gets harder and harder to find the right things as kids get older.

Do you guys get medical assistance? That could help cover more if Bethune is charging your insurance. Also, there's another school that I recommend to most families as they leave Fraser. It's called Fraser Academy - it's much different than most Mpls Public Schools - they have kids with disabilities and typical kids and are very sensory oriented.. and more. They're moving from south to northeast soon. Maybe you've heard of it?!

Either way... good luck with everything. Of course I don't know firsthand but I know so many families going through similar things - I try my best to understand.