Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Possible break-in attempt in the Eco-Village

Photos and blog post by Hans

While working in the yard today around 4 o'clock I heard "something" from the back of my lot. I have heard lots of "somethings" since moving into the Eco-Village a few months ago and each time I let my curiosity get the better of me and go take a look. Usually it turns out to be a neighbor working in their yard or construction noise from various projects in the neighborhood.

I didn't think much of this particular "something" considering that it was the middle of the day, but nonetheless I walked to the back of my lot to take a look. In a nearby yard I saw a man standing on a ladder next to a house doing "something" and I assumed he was a contractor of some sort, but then...

...he hopped over the fence into a vacant lot next door, then ran to the driveway and out of sight. "Now why would a contractor hop a fence and run away?" I asked myself... something just didn't seem right. I got on my bike and headed out to get a closer look, and nearly bumped into the man in question... this time he was on a bike carrying some sort of backpack or luggage.

A few seconds later I arrived at the house as I was dialing 911. Sure enough the window near the ladder was broken... so either this guy was running off to the hardware store for some replacement glass (sarcasm font) or he was thinking about going inside.

I still don't know what prompted the man to leave the scene. I would like to think he saw or heard me and realized this wasn't the place for easy crimes... but he might have just left for an easier "job" or he might have been casing the place while daylight worked to his advantage. I later saw him biking into an alley nearby and called 911 again to report his current location.

I have to admit I've gotten pretty relaxed living in the relatively crime free Eco-Village, but let this be a warning that past experience is not an accurate predictor of future events. Even though we might be through the hardest part of revitalizing this small section of NoMi there is still work to be done and we must all remain vigilant even after great success.

Let this also be a warning to would be criminals: NOT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD!

I (and many others) will not hesitate to investigate "something" that seems out of the ordinary...

Broken glass at the base of the ladder.
Editorial note: I have intentionally left out the address of this location.


Johnny Northside! said...

Love what you're doing, Hans! Keep the blog posts coming!

Get to NoMi Hans said...

Are you dating anyone Hans. You seem like my type.

Hans said...

Sorry... I'm definitely taken.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Hans, it's great to have super citizens in NOMI just like you and John Hoff and Megan G. I wish my neighbors were just like you.