Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"New Majority" JACC Plaintiffs Seek Attorney Fees From Losing "Old Majority" Plaintiffs...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Some days ago, a yummy document fell into my hands in PDF form: it's the motion for attorney fees in the "Old Versus New Majority JACC Case" in the Jordan Neighborhood. This blog provided the most extensive media coverage ANYWHERE of that case, from the very beginning to--it would appear--the bitter, bitter end. Democratically ousted in a neighborhood election, the anti-revitalization "Old Majority" in the Jordan Neighborhood tried to sue their way back to power or (if that failed) apparently hoped to destroy or cripple the JACC organization too much for it to be effective. The Old Majority failed, however, both in court and in a subsequent neighborhood election.

But like a hydra, the case keeps growing new and ugly heads. Now the defendants (quite justifiably) are asking for a very big amount of attorney fees for all the resources poured into this loser of a case that should have never been filed.

And, yes, I'd really LIKE to share this document with you. Unfortunately, we've exceeded the storage capacity of our "PDF support site" and we have our "geek squad" trying to solve the problem right now. In the meantime, if anybody wants a copy of the document in question, email me and say "I WANT MOTION FOR ATTORNEY FEES" in the subject heading of the email. (Trolls can, as always, take a hike)

I swear, I will see my neighborhood get better if I have to use CARRIER PIGEONS. But be assured this document will be made available in the near future. The cutting remarks about the plaintiff attorney ALONE are worth all the effort of finding a way to conveniently share this document with the whole wired world.

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NoMi Passenger said...

Let the readers not forget that the plaintiff attorney in this failure of a lawsuit is the partner of the attorney who was recently suspended from practicing law by the Minnesota Supreme Court - covered by this blog in a recent post.

I'd like to see the win-loss record for this plaintiff's attorney for the last few years. Anybody been keeping score of the wins/losses racked up by this particular frivolous (MHO)attorney.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on no one is going to say how much we want to get from the firm of Dill hole and Numb nuts attorneys at law.
T Jaramillo

NoMi Passenger said...

lol @ Ty.

I thought their law firm was called "Dewey, Cheatum and Howe"