Monday, June 28, 2010

Report On Northside Revitalization Hits Hot Button Issues Like "Lower Expectations Of Decorum" In North Minneapolis Neighborhoods...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

A couple days ago, I heard of a "focus group report" on Northside revitalization which had been circulating behind the scenes. Yesterday, somebody kicked a copy my way and I promptly posted it on the New And Improved Johnny Northside PDF support site, click here for a copy.

The report identifies progress which is happening, and also issues standing in the way of revitalization, including my personal favorite "lower expectations of decorum," such as loud thuggy people having domestic disturbances right on their front lawn.

To this I say: we all help set the standards of decorum, here, and those standards can be achieved through dialing 911, dialing 311, picking up litter, participating in community meetings. We must be future-oriented on behalf of our children and create the world TODAY which they will inhabit TOMORROW, which means addressing these breaches in decorum when they happen instead of bemoaning the fact they are happening at all. Yes, bad decorum happens TODAY and that is annoying. But let us make sure TOMORROW is better for our children.

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Hans said...

This kinda reminds me of Penn avenue. Folks hanging around in the street at 4am on a Monday morning... obviously not waiting for the bus.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Moore is acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

Yes, too bad Jerry Moore isn't acknowledged for HAVING the lower expectations of decorum that seem to plague some people and places in NoMi.

Anonymous said...


Several months ago I was approached by a young man after a particularly well attended holiday party put on by one of my neighbors. He thought that I was the one who had called the police the previous night (which I had not -on that occasion).

He explained to me that what city living was about and it was expected that everyone should look the other way.

I told him that the high density of city living should mean that we all need to be more careful about respecting our neighbors and that I had no qualms about calling in disturbances if I felt they became nuisances. I told him that if he wanted to throw loud parties he should go to a more rural area where the impact would not be felt by so many others.

One of the things that I would like to see happen in Nomi is to have the police spend more time patrolling in the neighborhoods. There are many anti-social behaviors that could be addressed by this presence and it is counter-productive to wait until these escalate and a citizen has to make an emergency call.

It would set the tone for acceptable expectations of behavior while curbing crime.