Thursday, June 3, 2010

JSPAN VIDEO EXCLUSIVE! Hawthorne Huddle on Violent Crime

Post and videos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

This morning, RT Rybak, Barb Johnson, Chief Dolan, and many other residents and public servants met at the Hawthorne Huddle to discuss the increase we've seen this year in violent crime. JNS is dedicated to getting you the videos sooner than any other media entity. A post describing the event will follow.


Johnny Northside! said...

Jeff managed to throw this stuff on YouTube and Johnny Northside right before he had to rush off to a family event. Thanks, Jeff, for your dedication to our readers.

Once again, Johnny Northside Dot Com beats other media entities to the punch.

Anonymous said...

This was all just some typical Minnesota nice lip service i.e. common sense. You'd think that everyone would have thought, or would have known this information by now. Just give Don the green light to what what he will. Let's see some action like you gotta pair boys. Those like thug kids think that you're all a joke and I don't blame them.

Mason said...

I was at this meeting this morning, and it seemed productive enough for a dog and pony show.

However I have to wonder how serious these politicians can possibly be when they cancel the July meeting due to the holiday. Why not just reschedule it? Second Thursday of July anyone?

So the next meeting is August 5th? Are you kidding me? Most of the summer is over by then. I guess they're real serious about ensuring public safety on the North side.

Maybe they just need a couple months to come up with some new ways to pay themselves on the back? Or maybe they figure in 60 days they can just repeat today's speeches?

If you ask me, the most interesting comments came from some of the community activists and not the politicians in their expensive suits.

ColfaxDude said...

I was looking for anything about this on startribune, but nothing. And they wonder why they are losing readers and subscribers. I'll watch these when I get home from work. Thanks for the hard work getting the truth out to us northside.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I did take quite a bit of notes from the other speakers as well, and I agree that the regular folks who spoke were often more compelling than the politicians. I was the only JNS field correspondent in attendance, however, so I had to switch back and forth between camera duties and taking notes.

I'm commenting from the remote reaches of Upper Michigan, where the internet connections are sketchy at best. And I had four hours of sleep before the huddle and then driving seven hours to my youngest brother's high school graduation. I'll find a solid spot to blog from tomorrow. But I do want to check some of the media that was there, such as MPR and KSTP to make sure I'm not rehashing the exact same story they told.

For now, I'm too tired to stay awake during the painfully slow load times. Stay tuned, JNS readers, a Hawkman post on this event is on its way.