Monday, June 28, 2010

Abel Hardware - Another Undiscovered Gem!

Post and Photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

I've driven past what I generally consider "the other hardware store" in NoMi quite often but never had a chance to go in until today. Despite the fact that Abel is literally a block or so away (just north of 26th Ave on 2nd St), I've always gone to North End Hardware or a box store.

Well, today I had two rather specific yet random hardware store purchases to make, and was in the area before their 4:30 p.m. closing time. Based on their hours, it seems as if Abel caters to an industrial class, contractors, or others who'd come in for supplies as part of their workday.

So when I walked in the door, looking for my odds and ends, I said...

..."I'm looking for a specific kind of tape, but I'm not sure what it's called."

The lady brought me over to where the various kinds of tape were located, and I have never in my life seen such a variety of duct tape all in one place. Still, this wasn't what I wanted, and our conversation continued.

"This tape is used by musicians to sometimes hold down cables, and actors to mark a spot where they should stand. But it's meant to be able to be pulled off without taking paint with it."

"Oh, like this?" she asked, holding up a roll of blue painter's tape.

"No, I've worked on political conventions and used that stuff before. It won't pull paint off, but it's not sturdy enough for what I'm using it for."

"Okay, and what are you using it for?"

"Making hula hoops."

"Hula hoops..."

"Right, so duct tape and electrical tape are too slippery, and painter's tape and masking tape won't hold together long."

"You make your own hula hoops?" she asked, recovering from the curveball I'd just thrown her.

"Yeah, but these ones are for kids in Tanzania."

"Well, this is all the tape that we have."

"In that case, do you happen to have some industrial-strength Dran-o, because I've got one hell of a clog in my bathtub."

She found that in short order and I was (partly) all set. Look, anyone who can handle a conversation THAT surreal can surely help people with their more common, everyday hardware store needs. So the next time you're in Hawthorne, check out Abel Hardware!


NoMiHooper said...

This is what you want:

ABE said...

Yup - Gaffer tape is great stuff. Gorilla Tape makes a nice approximate ( is one example) - I think I picked up some at Menards a few months ago.

M. Clinton said...

(Doing a Troll Parody)

I think think shoes should be left on the lines. You guys only take those shoes off of the lines that YOU want to take off. Maybe others want them there. I bet you have your own shoes on some lines somewhere and think that is okay.

M. Clinton said...

LOL Oops! Commented on the wrong post. I'll go back and put it where it belongs!

emma. said...

gaffer tape! my favorite tape in the whole world!

Shaun said...

Curious as to people's opinions about North End Hardware. I have been there many times and am happy to support a local business as opposed to going to Home Depot. However, I find the service in the store to be less than friendly. Anyone else feel this way?

NoMi Neighbor said...

Shaun, are you sure you're talking about NoMi's North End Hardware????

I've never had such great service anywhere in the city - these guys all know everyone's name (at the folks I talk to) and are super conversational and helpful in every regard.

What was your experience there? Please be more specific.

NoMi Passenger said...

Shaun, I couldn't disagree with you more. Since day one of moving to NoMi and using NorthEnd, I have found the staff there extremely helpful. Darryl and John really go above and beyond to chat friendly as well as help find the items. There is another guy, bigger and burlier, who isn't quite as chatty but definitely helpful in finding the necessary items.

Next time you are in there just chat them up a bit, tell them you are an active neighbor working to make the place better, I bet you'll get a warm response.

Anonymous said...

About North End Hardware:
I've purchased window glass, a garden tool and "antique" plumbing parts for my old house over the last few years. I bring my lawnmower in for a yearly checkup and had them repair a screen recently. I have no complaints about the products or the service.


Hans said...

I have also been very pleased with the customer service at North End Hardware. My only complaint is they close at 6:30. I wish Abel Hardware didn't close at 4:30... I'd like to check them out too.

Those early closing times send me to Home Depot... but I don't mind so much because the Home Depot Foundation is donating to the Eco-Village project.

Shaun said...

I am not someone who is terribly gifted when it comes to home improvement but I do the projects that I can and keep learning. I feel like the folks at North End are not impressed by people like me so they don't really go out of their way to help, despite my questions--or at least it feels like I am inconveniencing them. Answers are very direct and not approached from a customer service standpoint. I'm not calling the store bad...its just not been a pleasant experience for me.