Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frivolous Litigant Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer Seeks "End Run" Around Judge's Order, Files Complaint With Minneapolis Department Of Civil Rights

Image courtesy of Hillside Chronicles blog,
blog post by John Hoff

Notorious Level Three sex offender Peter Rickmyer, a.k.a. Peter Richard Stephanson, a.k.a. "Spanky Pete" was recently declared a frivolous litigant by Hennepin County District court, meaning Rickmyer is no longer allowed to file lawsuits on his own, pro se. All his lawsuits have to be filed by a real lawyer and approved by the court system, due to Spanky Pete's well-documented history of filing baseless complaints for the purpose of harassment.

Notwithstanding this judge's order, in recent days Peter has sought to perform an "end run" and file yet another complaint against the Jordan Area Community Council, (JACC) now once again under the fire-tested leadership of Michael "Kip" Browne.

According to sources within the Jordan Neighborhood, Peter filed...

...a complaint with the City of Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and--incredibly--the Department "accepted" the complaint and has asked JACC to respond to Peter's allegations. The allegations can certainly be described as, um, INTERESTING.

Rickmyer alleges he was "treated differently based on his sexual orientation and disability." However, the complaint does not reference, specifically, any orientation or disability EXCEPT the fact Rickmyer is a Level Three sex offender.

Rack our brains as we might here at Johnny Northside Dot Com, we can't recall a single instance where pedophilia was classified as "sexual orientation" for civil rights purposes nor, for that matter, is it a disability classification. In fact, the very notion of pedophilia being a "protected class" like race and physical disability is patently offensive.

Rickmyer's complaint goes on to allege that he tried to file a restraining order which, Rickmyer admits, was dismissed and thrown out by the court. But WHY was it thrown out by the court? According to Rickmyer (who is sadly cracked in the noggin and it's a spectacle, really, from which one wishes to look away but simply CAN'T because he's all the time filing these damn complaints) JACC has "infiltrated" the Hennepin County judicial system, local government agencies such as CPED, and the police.

Furthermore, Rickmyer alleges, JACC has "influenced independent bloggers" (my neck hairs are tingling) to disseminate fraudulent information in regard to his sex offender status.

JACC has until July 5 to respond to the complaint. Thus this tiny volunteer neighborhood organization--already harassed by Rickmyer's previous frivolous crap--must deal, yet again, with Spanky Pete's madness. And where, in all of this, are Spanky Pete's keepers from the Minnesota Department of Corrections? Weren't they supposed to be keeping Spanky Pete in line, having him work and/or seek some kind of gainful employment?

On the bright side...maybe this will be the stupid move which finally puts Spanky Pete back behind bars for good. Spanky Pete's latest filing appears to be an attempted "end run" around the judge's strictly worded order to STOP FILING FRIVOLOUS LEGAL COMPLAINTS.

The question then becomes: did Spanky get all the way around the end of the order by going to the Minneapolis Civil Rights Department instead of directly to court? Or is this type of complaint actually covered by the order and Spanky Pete is in defiance of the judge?

Sigh. Stay tuned. The tale of Spanky Pete never seems to end. And, let us keep in mind, Spanky Pete is just ONE of the numerous Level Three sex offenders dumped in our North Minneapolis neighborhood, despite a statute which is supposed to limit this kind of undesirable Level Three sex offender concentration.


wow said...

This is absolutely unbelievable.

Pond-dragon said...

Enough is enough and we have had enough. What makes it worse is that all this havoc is being financed by Tax payers. Isn't Pete on the dole?

la_vie_en_rose said...

While pedophilia itself (and other sexual disorders can be included in this) isn't considered a disability (in the sense of a mental disorder), it's usually a part of other disorders which, in turn, can be labeled a disability. He could actually have some mental problems (from all I've ever heard about him, it seems he does; whether or not they're being treated is a good question). There are plenty of sex offenders out there who receive SSDI. Don't know if he gets his money from SSDI, but it's not unlikely.

(Psychology has always been a hobby of mine, and my oldest brother is the superintendent/head therapist of the mental ward in a hospital in Indy. Just to explain where I'm getting this.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you find this surprising at all. The JACC has a long history of keeping the disabled at a distadvantage. Start with the property where they hold their office, it is not ADA compliant thus making only able bodied citizens eligible to participate.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Anonymous @ 8:36 PM!

That Ben Myers and Jerry Moore, what a couple of ASSHOLES.

Weren't they the Chair and ED when JACC signed the lease to occupy the building?

But as pointed out elsewhere, that doesn't fit your bullshit troll-baiting, does it?

Anonymous said...

JNS: Why do you bother to publish such dribble like the June 27, 2010 8:36 PM annon comment? For god sake's, we're talking about Spanky Pete here!

Anonymous said...

Exept for the fact that if we have a public meeting we have been useing the disabled accsesable Capri!

Anonymous said...

I think Spanky should be called before a judge and asked to account for his actions. Isn't he showing complete CONTEMPT for that judge? In the interest of justice, I think Spanky should be stopped from using our civil code as a SWORD to cause harm to people instead of what it is supposed to be, a SHIELD to protect the innocent. He is giving the middle finger to the Court as he moves on from one type of complaint to another type of complaint.

Anonymous said...

should the Civil Rights Department be eliminating the backlog instead of entertaining Pete's insanity?

Anonymous said...

Pete is NOT claiming a disability. He is claiming Sexual Orientation discrimination. He is trying to claim pedophelia is a protected class - like being gay! Unbelievable.

He was probably reading some conservative blog online that was trying to rile up their base into believing that democrats were going to make pedophilia a protected class under HR 1913. Basically, some republican tried to sneak in an exclusion of pedophilia under sexual orienation - democrats voted it down because, pedophilia has never been a sexual orientation.

Sorry Pete, your sorry spanky self was not included in the final bill in from of the Senate (

Johnny Northside! said...

Anonymous at 11:30, that is interesting speculation about what was going through Pete's head, but I don't think even PETE knows what goes through Pete's head. Sometimes his complaints seem more like a cry for help along the lines of, "Please, don't you see I need to be locked away and kept out of trouble?"

To the Anonymous poster at 11:24, WHAT backlog? You know something about a backlog in that department?

Johnny Northside! said...

On another note...

Damn right Peter is on public assistance. Your tax dollars at work filing frivolous litigation against decent Northside neighbors.

I said...

I think anon 11:30 is on to something. A while ago I saw an episode of one of those police dramas (maybe it was Law & Order) where a guy tried to claim pedophilia was a sexual orientation, a third category in addition to heterosexuality and homosexuality. Maybe Pete is getting his ideas off those oh-so true to real life, prime time dramas.

NoMi Passenger said...

Not only is P the P on public assistance, SSI and sucking up public dollars via his correctional department needs, he is then using other public entities to harass and fight his perceived enemies via courts, neighborhood orgs and now city civil rights department.

There seems to be no end to the public dollar drain that is this man.

Anonymous said...

I am anon at 11:30. I was pointing out the fact that Pete has once again come up with some legal theory - like being attracted (or sexually oriented) to children is a protected class. I was not attempting to get inside that perverted mind of his!

Once can google this and see that this was an idea promoted by the Republicans...they asserted by not including an exception to pedophilia under sexual orientation that you were protecting child molestors rights. Democrats said, no way - Hate Crime laws clearly refer to the GBLT community.

If this was Pete's idea, than he must have searched the internet for it - unless he just got together and moaned about pedophilia discrimination with all of his molester friends.

Anonymous said...

P the P, Spanky P, Sir-Spanks-a-lot, Spankalottapus, whats next?

Capt Jack Sparrow

Anonymous said...

Give me time,people,Peter Stephenson-Rickmyer will be incarcerated for a looooooong time once i get to the bottom of my goldmine.I am not kidding.