Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fifth "Watchful Weekend" Weapons Crime Arrest, JASZARELL LADAWN TALFORD, Who Reportedly Lives At 4501 Camden Ave. N.

Stock photo by NoMi Passenger, Fourth Precinct Thanksgiving dinner, blog post by John Hoff

Jaszarell LaDawn Talford, DOB 7/14/93, was jailed last night, about half an hour before midnight, on "probable cause" weapons charges. Unable to determine if "weapons" means "guns" or if it might mean just a sharp bagel knife, I've decided to err on the side of publication and throw this arrest in my "watchful weekend" blog reporting in support of MPD's saturation patrols for drugs and weapons.

Jaszarell, who (based on my internet search) is likely the only person on the planet named "Jaszarell," has apparently tried to get hired as a babysitter in the past... "Jaszarell T." Click here for her online babysitting ad. Note her all-encompassing hours of availability but lack of a ride. Also willing to be a live-in nanny.

"Jaszarell Talford" has an undeveloped or possibly expired profile on  ExploreTalent Dot Com, where she is categorized as a "dancer." At the time the profile was created, Jaszarell's location was listed as "Chicago."

Jaszarell Talford commented on the obituary of a guy named Orlando "Trent" Torrence who died February 27 of this year and was buried at True Vine Missionary Baptist Church in North Minneapolis. The guest book for the Star Tribune online obituary is expired and requires payments to revive it, but Jaszarell's comments, though a bit truncated, are preserved on Google as follows:

" I love you for that dad you will be truly missed R.I.P. DAD Jaszarell Talford (Minneapolis MN)"

Somebody named "Jaszarell" also commented on a brief Star Tribune article in 2008, "Plymouth man died from multiple gunshots." Though the 21-year-old victim was from Plymouth, the shooting took place in North Minneapolis near Queen Ave. N and the Olson Memorial Highway.

Only three individuals commented on the STrib article concerning the death of LaJoseph A. Burgess, and one was "JASZARELL" from "Minneapolis" who wrote:

"I love an miss yu big cousin joe jilla"

There is a Twitter user named "Jaszarell" who appears to be in the Minneapolis area, judging by the fact she was open to "kicking it" with a guy from Brooklyn Park.

There are other undeveloped profiles for a "Jaszarell," including two cell phone profiles that center on favorite ringtones. Two ringtones downloaded by Jaszarell include Your Mama's Calling Back and It's Your Mother You Can't Hide.

I am unable to find any previous criminal information for Jaszarell Ladawn Talford.

Talford's residence on the jailhouse roster is listed as 4501 Camden Ave. N., a rental owned by Cel Monton LLC. The address of this LLC is listed as 1845 Stinson Parkway, Minneapolis. The address is owned by yet another LLC named "MDC 2000 Investments, Inc."

The Chief Executive Officer of this company is Richard Edlich, listed at the Stinson Parkway address.

Here I feel I have reached the end of the trail and I return to the jail roster, too see who else was picked up this weekend on weapons charges.


Johnny Northside! said...

Copy of an email I recently received which makes reference to MDC 2000 Investments.

NE Mpls shooting at 2538 Stinson Pkwy NE

9:18 AM (1 hour ago)

Hi, I am a resident of NE Mpls and wandered onto your blog after searching for the homeowner info as to learn more about why we have shootings in NE Mpls where it is usually very peaceful and quiet. I learned that the above address is listed as rental property for MDC 2000 Invenstments.

I couldn't find much info about them and saw that you have listed this business as being a problem landlord in the past. Do you have anymore details that would be helpful in educating this landlord to screen the tennants in the future? Thanks.

To which I respond: sorry, I am not really in the "landlord education" business. I'm more in the "disseminating info about bad landlords and heaping public scorn upon them" business.

Anonymous said...

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Johnny Northside! said...

If you're her "cuzn," do you happen to know anything about the circumstances that caused her to be arrested? Or are you just talking like you know things but you don't?