Thursday, June 28, 2012

On The Second Day Of Nitelen, What Did Authorities Give To Me? A Criminal Complaint For Johnny Northside Readers To See...

Photo from the public Facebook profile of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

This blog is counting down the days until Nitelen Jackson voluntarily goes to jail. I am posting information about Jackson each of those days.

Day One, Nitelen passes paternity test AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.

This is Day Two of the promised count down and of course readers would like to know, "Why is Nitelen going to jail? What are the specifics of the theft charge?"

I'm glad you asked...

I HAVE IN MY POSSESSION a copy of the criminal complaint describing what Nitelen Jackson did to earn those 45 days. Also I should mention, based on my reading of the online MNCIS record, it appears that by serving those 45 days Nitelen won't have probation. He just "takes the time like a man," goes away for a while, and has friends snap more cool jailhouse pics like the one below.

Picture from public FB profile of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism

Nitelen is on the left. The guy to the right is identified on Facebook as "Cali."

Note Nitelen's distinctive neck tattoo, which is a helpful way to identify him. The tattoo says RIP PUDDA. Here is a picture where you can see the tattoo better.

Same as previous photo

"Pudda" refers to DeCari Antonio Starr, whose murder is still unsolved. In a future blog post, I will show Nitelen and friends having a boozy little wake at the grave of DeCari Antonio Starr.

Oh, yes, but about that criminal complaint! Here it is:

Nitelen Dereese Jackson

4022 Bryant Ave. N.

(Complainant is Mark Melander, a police officer in Edina, Minnesota)

On 22 March 2012 NITELEN DEREESE JACKSON, defendant herein, entered the Macy's department store located at Southdale Center in Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota. An unidentified male accompanied defendant. Defendant and the unidentified male selected 20 items of Ralph Lauren clothing worth $1545.50 and placed the items in separate piles.

Defendant and the unidentified male exited and then reentered the store, adding more clothing to the piles each time they reentered the store. Eventually, defendant and the unidentified male took the clothing and ran from the store where they entered a waiting vehicle and fled from the mall area. This incident was captured by store surveillance video.

Macy's loss prevention agent M.P., who observed the theft, subsequently viewed a photographic array containing defendant's photograph and positively identified defendant as one of the two individuals who took the clothing.

(The criminal complaint then notes:)

The defendant's whereabouts are unknown.


Anonymous said...

Don't think Macy's would want this kind of scum as a customer even if he had the cash !!

Anonymous said...

I don't get why Nitelen is so special. What's the deal with him?

Johnny Northside! said...

He posed in front of a curbside memorial to a fallen thug, brandishing a pistol.

He got the attention of the blogger that way.

Anonymous said...

Find something to do with your life, don't you have kids? You could be helping your child better them-self with the time you have on your hands.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, my kid is right near be and yesterday we saw the Battleship Alabama together, it was pretty cool.

Do you seriously think you're going to submit some little dumbass comment like that and I'm going to be like, oh, forget the 3,000 plus blog posts this blog has published, forget the readers who come here each day, the impact I'm having on my neighborhood...

I think I'll just drop what I'm doing because some anonymous dumbass thinks I'm an asshole. Oh, my heart is TORN.

Anonymous said...

How dare these stupid dumb asses question your parenting !! Again thank you for all the information you share with those that have brains and use them to care about the world we live in. has

Anonymous said...

I could careless about you or Mr. Jackson , and questioning your parenting is something i wouldn't do because I don't know you from a can of paint.I'm saying all this time and effort you put in to these blogs could be done doing something else. If you wanna (want to) be an investigator so bad go back to school lol, you are basically saying the police who investigate things like this aren't doing there jobs , by posting these blogs goofy !

Anonymous said...

HEY Johnny i REALLY wish you WOULD just STFU Before somebody catch your ASS SLIPPING IN put you on the NEWS IN OUTTA OF YOUR CRACK MISEREY!!!

Anonymous said...

If its such a waste of time why you reading and writing on it?

Anonymous said...

Considering you have pissed off half the thugs of north minneapolis I guess you are never returning your sorry ass back to minneapolis. unless you like bad luck.

Johnny Northside! said...

Only HALF the thugs?

Anonymous said...

John Hoff you truly haven't learned your lesson huh? You post shit you merely read about but don't know is true. I guess it time to go back in front of a judge Mr huff

Johnny Northside! said...

(Sarcasm font)


(End sarcasm font)

The information here comes from a criminal complaint, which is an official document, from online MNCIS information, and from Nitelen's own words on his Facebook page. I strive for accuracy and even when accusations of inaccuracy come in the form of anonymous angry words, profanity, etc. I always am careful to ask:

WHAT ARE YOU SAYING IS INACCURATE? You tell me what's not accurate, what's not true, and I will look deeply into the matter to determine if I have accidentally written something that is not factual.

Anonymous said...

oh my lord !!!! Maybe these idiots that make these dumb ass comments should go back to school and use their empty senseless heads to learn something in life. What a bunch of thug ***** !! Guess some are so stupid they do not care that innocent children are involved in this chaos. Keep marching on Johnny -- GREAT JOB !!

Anonymous said...

To all of the anonymous thugs. You have pissed off 100% of the property tax paying home owning residents in North. YOUR time is limited here. WE ARE THE ONES WITH THE POWER, INFLUENCE, AND MONEY NOT YOU.

Johnny Northside! said...

Amen to that.


Because 100 year old Victorian homes are WAY TOO NICE for gang bangers.

Johnny Northside! said...

I should have put hyphens in "100-year-old."

My bad. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

johnnynorthside ain't goin before no judge. he already been convicted and sentenced

Johnny Northside! said...


Johnny Northside isn't going before any judge. He has already been convicted and sentenced.

Anonymous said...

Do some digging on Semaj Williams, he is the guy in the 1st jail picture with this guy Nitelen(whatever his name is.)

Anonymous said...

sumbody is gonna put johnny northside in the Obituary part of the newspaper...J/S....lbvvs!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

To the anonymous poster at 1:56 PM.

Semaj Williams? Accused murderer?

How do you know the guy in the picture is Semaj Williams?

Folwell Neighbor said...

To Anonymous 12AM, and others who feel like him/her:
What is it that you'd like? You want Johnny dead, I get it. What would that do? Are you hoping that his death would allow you and/or other thugs free reign of the area?
Then what? Is it your desire that the entire area be just a wild zone with no police or repercussions from actions?
I postulate that in such a case, there would be individuals that would self-describe themselves as cleaning up. Regulating, whatever you want to call it. People who wish to establish order. It's the natural way; whether you work for the police or want to keep your turf in a gang, you establish order.
Why then is it that Johnny is so wrong? Why is it that so many people feel hatred toward the police and investigators? Are they not performing the same fundamental actions as all other groups (gangs)?
Think long term, what is it that you want? Be realistic, because you're not going to win the lottery, and nobody is going to just hand you a million dollars. How would you like to see the area in twenty years. Actually, go beyond that. I don't want to hear some sort of smartass "I'm going to rule the area" sort of remark. How do you want to see the area after your death? Heck, that might not even be more than twenty years if you're involved in the kind of garbage that Nitelen and others are into.
Think long and hard about it. Plan. How will you survive. If you plan on surviving on others, how are you going to make them happy such that they'll provide for you? If your plan is to sell drugs or steal, for example, then you need to have a business model just like everyone else. You have to establish how you'll earn money long term. By the time you've completed that, you'll realize that you could put your efforts into something more productive, earn more money, and have far less risk of injury or death. You could mow lawns for a living and heck, if you want to get high all evening afterwards, whatever, do what you like. At least you'd be alive.
Ok, I think I've rambled on enough. I'm just sick of people throwing bitchy comments out there without any clear thoughts expressed. If you provide a complete outline of what you'd like, why, and how that would be of benefit, we're far more likely to actually listen and perhaps even make a compromise. Right now I don't see that happening.
And shit.