Friday, June 29, 2012

Counting Down The Days Of Nitelen, Day Three, BUD BUD AND MORE BUD!!!

Photo from Facebook page of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Nitelen Jackson is going to jail on July 5, assuming he follows through with a plan to turn himself in to serve a 45 day sentence for theft. Meanwhile, this blog is counting down the days. Nitelen came to the fixated attention of this blog because of a picture, posted on the Facebook profile of Da Trend Setter, in which Nitelen can be seen brandishing a pistol next to a curbside "thug memorial."

Click here for "the paternity test that set Nitelen free." 

Click here for the actual criminal complaint about the theft, which involved dashing off with merchandise in Edina.

This post concerns Nitelen's relationship with pot. He likes it a lot...

Like some people would post pictures of a girlfriend, Nitelen posts pictures of what is APPARENTLY weed. If it's NOT weed, well, Nitelen certainly wants viewers of the picture to believe it's weed. But I'm not going to accuse Nitelen of smoking or possessing bunk.

No, that looks like some dank, sticky bud.

Here's more images, right off Nitelen's Facebook.

In a comment to this photo, Nitelen said "Finna roll up in this picture."

The thug phrase "finna" is used exactly the same as the Okie or Dixieland expression "fixing to."

Note the blunt in the left hand, about to be filled with the substance in the box. This is why people who like a livable neighborhood don't care for "inconvenience stores" selling Swisher Sweets and other "blunts."

Ooh, that's a nice full bag of bud.

This is the better photo, wouldn't you agree? Suitable for framing.

Or, um, ROLLING.

The title of this photo is "Dro come in jars." This is the photo which helped me figure out "dro" is a new street term for bud.

This image provides a really good look at Nitelen's second tattoo, a dark black star below the "RIP PUDDA" on the front of his neck. Check out the Ralph Lauren logo. Nitelen is actually going to jail on July 5 for stealing $1,500 worth (approximately) of Ralph Lauren clothing.

A nice close up of bud.

This photo was created by sprinkling bud over the sports gear logo.

There are certain themes which appear repeatedly in "thuggy" Facebook profiles. One is "duck lips." Another is "taking my portrait in a bathroom mirror." Both are annoying. But gaining rapidly is the "smoke lips pic." Here is a fine example, above.

This isn't the best photo, but what Nitelen wrote about it was interesting. "Real kusk fire up that doink."

"Kusk" apparently means "kush," a type of cannibis.

 I am not sure what "doink" means.

On his Facebook profile, in the "About" section, Nitelen lists "Smoke Weed Every Day" as his employer.

My next post will concern Nitelen Jackson and his interesting online photos of himself with tributes to DeCari Antonio Starr, a/k/a Pudda as Johnny Northside Dot Com continues to count down THE NINE DAYS OF NITELEN. 


Folwell Neighbor said...

The pictures are quite interesting, especially the close up shot of the bud. I had no idea it looked like that, I swear that's the stuff that accumulates in my jean pockets after they've just gotten out of the dryer. It looks just like it, except blue instead of green. Maybe I should dye my jeans green, and sell the pocket fuzz.

Nah, I'll just continue with my real job. Besides, I'm not a big fan of green, so green jeans aren't my thing.

Tataua said...

My favorite term for the green is 'loud.'

"Hey-where the LOUD at?"

I don't know why, it is just so funny to me. The young man in the article sure loves his loud. And what a great place for him to find employment. He is fortunate as many Americans who have spent money on schooling, received alot of experience in their working lives and in the military cannot even find a good job that they can stand, let alone love.

Guess I'll go find me some loud ova north and get shid craccin'

Anonymous said...

Long ago Facebook was limited to college students. Now it's for idiots.

Anonymous said...

Why don't their probation officers check out their Facebook pages once in awhile?! Talk about a slam dunk probation violation!

Anonymous said...

Isn't doink is how paternity tests and babies happen? And shit.

Anonymous said...

Johnny bitch u eat to much dick go get some pussy faggott ass nigga

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to probation officers...

See previous post. Nitelen isn't on probation. He prefers to just do all his time to avoid probation which, I am sure, he couldn't abide by, anyway.

But, yeah, you'd think probation officers would check FB now and then and, furthermore, that having a FB page and NOT informing your probation officer should ALSO be a violation. I'd like to think that blog posts of this nature and this kind of discussion calls attention to the issue.

In regard to the comment above...I wouldn't normally post it, but I'm interested in hearing more from this crowd and maybe if I post one comment I'll get something better. But there's only so much slack that will be extended.

Anonymous said...

U sound bored as hell. We live our life and u watch it. Obviously your life is dead if you got time to spectate. Then you say shit like thugs memorial. Pudda is dead that shit is disrespectful which shows how much of a bitch you is cuz you disrespect behind closed doors. You can do wat you do without being disrespectful cuz your not tough. Hince you hide your identity. I'm 100% sure to your not perfect and you say your a war vet. Fuckin puppets jus like street patrol officers you fucc around and didn't even know the REAL reason why you fought and if you knew the real reason and you still killed anyway. That makes you more of a thug than a kid that smokes weed.

Johnny Northside! said...

First, I assure you I am not envying your life or living it vicariously by writing about it. The fact is I enjoy writing and having an audience the way you might enjoy, for example, your dro. Your loud. Your dank, sticky weed.

Second, I don't think Pudda himself would have found it disrespectful to be called a thug. How is it disrespectful if I call him something he, himself, would call HIMSELF? A thug?

Third, in regard to the REAL reason we're fighting in Afghanistan, tell me. Enlighten me. BREAK IT DOWN AND MAKE IT PLAIN and raise my consciousness about why I went to Afghanistan, you who are so wise because you're FROM DA STREETS.

Anonymous said...

MONEY AKA ROOT OF ALL EVIL... But if you do go back then let your wife, if she's still there for you that while your gone us thugs got good dick for her... It will never be a utopia because its a fucked up society that creates thugs and will always create thugs as long as the system is set to have poverty middle class and high class. We have the best military and the capability to shut down every crime infested city in but the focus is not utopia obviously its money. Whether they think the money is going to better our country our they keep it for personal use I don't know but the point is its over money. if money wasn't a issue then we would be USING our time attacking mg the wars going on in our country but since money is a issue the wars in our country are consider considered a WASTE of time so they use a WASTE of humans (street police) to handle'handle' that issue. Reality nothing is being handled just more people being locked up. More broken families. More children having to do whatever to feed themselves and family. At the end of the day more MONEY made for our country

Ray said...

Hey, he nailed it. You've said you needed money. (not to delve to deeply into your personal busines, because I consider it rude and wouldn't want to catch your vindictive side, but) Haven't you publicly posted that you were running from legal problems too? Anyway, I'm just chiming in to say I'm surprised you're late to figure out "Dro" is short for Hydroponic. And "Kush", really? You didn't know? It's FROM Afghanistan. Kush Mountains are at the same latitude as some northern California grow zones, so Kush is very well cultivated.
While a mans character is swiftly judged, I agree that you can't equate smoking Marijuana with being a thug. It's a very health beneficial activity that even the most respectable partake in. He's got another good point about soldiers being more thugs then weed smokers.. But alas, it's not my drama. Peace ya'll.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Ray,

Seriously? He said money is the root of all evil and he "nailed it?" Whatever.

Obviously I did know what Kush is, I linked to it, but he didn't spell "Kush" the way it's spelled.

In regard to smoking marijuana (or ANYTHING, for that matter) being a healthy activity, I'm sure it's "healthy" if you're a chemotherapy patient and it helps you regain your appetite. And to me there is a world of difference between peaceful pot users versus the armed thugs who control the market and fight over control of the market.

Anonymous said...

Aye jonny boy... Us soldier kills 16 afghans (villagers). Who really thuggin? But I respect our soldiers and though he killed 16 I don't judge him. I believe something drove him to that and unless I went through wat he went through I can't judge. Or I could be like you and say he's jus a thug that can't handle power and had no regard for human life but that's jonny boys train of thought not mines

Johnny Northside! said...

Obviously, what happened with that soldier was an aberration, against the law, and not the norm of what US soldiers are doing. So I really don't see why you are bringing it up or what you think you just proved.

You don't judge him? That's OK. I judge him. I judge him harshly, and I won't be the only one.

Anonymous said...


U gotta walk in someones shoes before you can go out on a limb and say, killing kids is not ok? Oh no, don't judge someone whether they killed a kid in north minneapolis or afghanistan. That really what U think?

Fuck you. We ALL better be ready to judge that.

Folwell Neighbor said...

Ray said "I agree that you can't equate smoking Marijuana with being a thug. It's a very health beneficial activity that even the most respectable partake in."

This is not true at all. Smoking illegal drugs might not automatically make you a thug, but it certainly goes a long way toward putting you there.
Very health beneficial? Err, what? Oh, you mean you googled "health benefits pot" and found a dozen articles written by potheads that claim lots of awesome things?
"The most respectable" people certainly do NOT smoke illegal drugs. Key word: most. Smoking pot isn't on the same scale as rape, but it's still bad. It's akin to speeding. Lots of people do it, but that doesn't mean it's right. I'd also like to add that the "legal" pot places are quite often not legal. Going to a doctor with false claims that you need to smoke pot just to get a prescription does NOT make it legal. It simply makes it extremely difficult to prosecute. There's a huge difference.

Kids are growing up thinking that smoking pot is cool, that's an issue. Years ago (and maybe this still happens) lots of kids thought smoking cigarettes was cool. There were - and still are - people that claim benefits to smoking cigarettes. Sure, you might lose weight, but at what expense?


I think Nitelen wants to go to jail. Free food, probably has friends there, gets to brag about his "hard time" to his friends later. I'm sure his employer, weed, will gladly accept him back when he's free again. He'll be smoking up soon enough. Of course, I'm quite confident that he's only smoking to ease his glaucoma and take advantage of all the great health benefits, right Ray?

Ray said...

Hi Folwell Neighbor. I don't know anything about Nitelen or his motivation for going to jail. But I can tell you, without any sarcastic condescension, that Cannabis has been shown to cure cancer. And no, not by scooby and shaggy.. It's well known in medical academia. (and old news, actually) Though I do not blame you for an ignorant opinion. Cannabinoids destroy many forms of tumors and cancer cells. A Harvard study released on April 17, 2007 showed that the active ingredient in marijuana, THC, cuts tumor growth in common lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread. Cannabis oil actually reverses the growth of cancer and leads to remission. It works especially well against Leukemia. I propose to you, Folwell Neighbor, that the true criminals are the Pharma-thugs lobbing to keep it illegal, while pumping you full of toxic pills and radiation. Your argument that someone is going to fake a tummy ache to go smoke pot is a weak one, because WHO CARES. It should be de-criminalized for recreational, as well as medical use, so virtuous are it's benefits. Anyhow, as for curing cancer, there are now hundreds of studies which find over and over again that Marijuana cures all types of cancer and illness. I suggest you get behind the 2012 MN DFL Action Agenda. You are a good Minneapolis DFL'er, aren't you? Under Health and Human Services, it now reads "Support legislation that would allow the use of Marijuana for medical
purposes". I guess I didn't escape sarcastic condescension, but it's a very important issue and you must educate yourself, Fowell Neighbor. It is far to simple minded to base your concept of right and wrong on legal/illegal. I don't mind turning the topic away from mocking whoever these dudes are, and towards Marijuana truth. Here are the highest level respectable society people I promised (disclaimer, I haven't smoked any in over 3 years, but I should!)
And hey Jonny, I guess he didn't "nail it".. that sounds to enthusiastic of me. Maybe he threw a wet noodle at the wall and it stuck. whatever. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Ray pretty much said what needed to be said. As a sufferer of high ocular pressure (not a joke) marijuana quickly relieves my symptoms, something OTCs can not do. It's not a matter of 'coolness' it's a matter of efficacy. Likening responsible users as slightly less distasteful as rapists (or socially inept) is heavy-handed and insulting.
And just to be clear, it is so effective as a vaso-dialator getting 'baked' is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

It should also be noted that legalization removes the thuggery out of the commerce.

Anonymous said...

Nitelen has a court date later this month for probation violation on three different felony level convictions.

Johnny Northside! said...

Help me out here. It was my belief, based on what I can see in online records, that Nitelen IS NOT ON PROBATION and, furthermore, that by doing a 45 day sentence he wouldn't have to be on probation, he could just take his time.

Of course, Nitelen himself says on Facebook that I got it wrong, and he has more time over his head.

Can you tell me the exact deal? In detail?

Anonymous said...

I sent you an email with court information. It is just a link, directions, and some cut and paste. - too long for a comment but doesn't untangle the thread all the way.

boathead said...

I realize i am a little late in arriving to this particular party and do not really care to read about anyone who claims to not know what Marijuana looks like. To Folwell Neighbor,(you are someone's neighbor i guess) and all of the rest of you silly bastards that think Marijuana is worse than alcohol,stay the fuck out of conversations that you have no upfront personal experience with and go drink some alcohol and plow somebody over in your car or beat the hell out of your wife and kids and then go throw up on yourself in the jail cell you may be wondering how you ended up in. Fools.

Anonymous said...

all i know is i got two mice hugging my hotdog becuz i got sloppy with the peanut butter and passed out dam