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Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Is this one of Jerry L. Moore's baby mamas or an incredible name coincidence? Read further for MOORE details...

AS I HOPE THAT I MADE ABUNDANTLY CLEAR IN PART ONE, Jerry Lamont Moore owes me $3,799.69 from the Blogosphere Trial of The Century AND I WANT MY MONEY.

Recently, in attempting to determine where Jerry Moore is working following his "triple crown" firing from JACC, from the University of Minnesota, and from Wells Fargo,  AND HOW I CAN RECOVER MY MONEY FORM HIM, I was researching Jerry Moore's baby mamas and...

...Jerry's habit of, you know, just dropping babies around that he needs to support with regular employment or, who knows, maybe "doing deals" as Jerry Moore has been known to do.

Like his involvement in the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.

Where is he now and what deals is he doing? I'd like to know and I'd like my cut, which is exactly and precisely $3,799.69 plus, well, judgment interest might be applicable, too.

I'm sure the baby mamas are where a lot of Jerry's money (and therefore some of MY MONEY) is going. They probably even know where Jerry Moore is living and working. Would they tell me? I don't know if they'd be motivated to tell me.

I have restrained myself for YEARS in regard to writing about Jerry Moore's baby mama drama (despite copies of at least one juicy court case in my hot little hands) out of a sense of, I don't know, decency or moral restraint or something.

For now, for the moment, for (I don't know, maybe) the next 48 hours or 48 days or as long as the mood stays with me, I'll probably continue to restrain myself from writing too much about Jerry Moore's baby mama drama. Every now and then, a potential blog story is so ugly and personal that I wave myself off from publishing all the sordid details, like (for example) attorney Jill Clark's pending divorce after she lost her freaking mind and her law license. 

At the very least, I won't publish all the messy, ugly, sordid court information without a period of extended reader discussion and moral agonizing right here on Johnny Northside Dot Com about whether that's the right thing to do and DID I MENTION I WANT MY MONEY!!!???????


If one of Jerry Moore's baby mamas turns up in a MUG SHOT, I'm sure going to write about that, because crime and alleged crime is noteworthy enough.

I am, however, frustrated by trying to match some of the details between Jerry's known and named baby mama, Karolpreka Wilson of Des Moines, Iowa, date of birth February 5, 1977, with the mug shot published above, which is Karolpreka Wilson of Des Moines, Iowa, date of birth not listed. Her age is listed as "35" but I don't know if the site updates the age or if the age is accurate or WHAT.

All I know is that KAROLPREKA WILSON OF DES MOINES, IOWA is a pretty unique identifier and I would tend to think this is the same person.

According to, Karolpreka Wilson was arrested April 3, 2011 for (alleged) simple assault. I do not know what the results were of this charge or who she was allegedly assaulting. Click here for Karolpreka Wilson's page on Des Moines Mug Shots Dot Com 

Jerry's baby mama in court documents is Karolpreka I ("eye") Wilson of 402 S.W. Hackley Ave. Des Moines, Iowa. The woman listed on this mug shot is Karolpreka F ("eff") Wilson, address not listed, but residing in Des Moines, Iowa.

Same woman or a bizarre coincidence?

Readers can be the judge.

In a future blog posting (if the mood strikes me) I will be writing about Karolpreka Wilson's lawsuit involving the drug Paxil.

Oh, and like I said before...

I don't normally grab mug shots from mug shot sites. But when somebody owes me money for, geez, a couple of years, here...

It changes how ruthlessly I operate.



Anonymous said...

Will you take payment in windows?

Anonymous said...

Why are you defaming this woman? because she is BLACK that is why and you are the worst kind of racist, white guy, because you ACT like you're not by "CENSORING" shit that doesn't exist.

Johnny Northside! said...

"Defamation," as Jerry Moore learned the hard way, is publishing stuff that isn't true.

Kindly point me to what is "defamatory" in this posting.

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to payment in "windows," that is an in-joke from the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., for those that don't know.

Jerry Moore's check from that deal was listed under "windows." It's a matter of record no new "windows" or work on "windows" was known to have been performed on the property in question.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the loyal reader who called me up and asked for more baby mama drama.

I am just getting warmed up.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's a really interesting tidbit from this link right here to a newspaper from Russelville, AR.

State police arrest Louisiana, Iowa residents

In an unrelated bond hearing, two suspects were arrested when Arkansas State Police found controlled substances valued at $28,000 after stopping a vehicle on westbound Interstate 40 - near mile marker 87 - Thursday afternoon, according to a state police record.

Suspects Tyrone L. Layton, 31, and Karolpreka F. Wilson, 32, were arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine with intent to deliver and possession of crack cocaine with intent to deliver, according to a police report.

The rental car was in Wilson's name, and she was driving when the vehicle was stopped for following another vehicle too closely, according to a report. The car smelled of marijuana, and Wilson gave the officer permission to search the vehicle, according to a state police report.

The officer found three ounces of crack cocaine valued at $8,400; seven ounces of powder cocaine valued at $19,600; and one crack cocaine "cookie," according to a state police report.

Layton said the pair smoked marijuana two hours before being stopped by police. Wilson denied smoking marijuana, according to a police report.

Layton also said he planned to sell the illegal drugs for $800, according to a police report.

He told the judge he served time in a Louisiana prison after two previous drug convictions.

Layton resides in Cullen, La., about 35 miles north of Shreveport, and Wilson lives in Des Moines, Iowa, they said during a hearing Friday.

Layton was held on a $75,000 bond, and Wilson was held on a $50,000 bond. If charged, both will appear July 12 in Pope County Circuit Court.

Anonymous said...

That ain't no woman!

Anonymous said...

What is a "crack cocaine "cookie,""?

Anonymous said...

"Law enforcement officials report that wholesale crack distributors sometimes sell "cookies"--crack cocaine formed into patties that measure approximately 3 inches in diameter. These cookies typically sell for $900 to $1,000 each."

Under "Distribution" 3rd paragraph.

Anonymous said...

If I were Jerry, I'd pay you. But then if I were Jerry, I'd never have been involved in mortgage fraud in the first place, nor would I have impregnated the type of person who would go driving around with ounces of cocaine in the car. So you probably won't get paid, and you'll continue to entertain us with true stories of Jerry's babymamas, you big defamatory racist, you.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Moore works at Klein Auto World in Maplewood.

Anonymous said...

Does he work on the Volvo or Nissan side?
I looked through the staff on each site and did not see his photo.

Anonymous said...

Since when do car dealers post pictures of their porters and detailers on their websites?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's Kline Auto World. He works on the Volvo side, but not sure if he's in sales.