Friday, December 27, 2013

Damin Lee Shufford, The Alleged "Stress Relief Killer," Believed By Mainstream Media To Be From New Hope But Lists A North Minneapolis Address On The Jail Roster Owned By Assertive Mpls Properties LLC...

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Damin Lee Shufford (DOB 12/14/83) is accused of a shocking crime; shooting a 59-year old robbery victim because (as Shufford allegedy phrased it) "it's something I do to relieve stress." 

Click here for Star Tribune article or, if you hate annoying pop up ads as much as I do, click here for CBS Minnesota.  

The STrib says Shufford is from New Hope, Minnesota, which is also where the murder was allegedly committed. But looking at the  jail roster tonight, I noticed Shufford's address is listed in North Minneapolis: 3651 Fremont Ave. N.

The address in question is a rental owned by...

...Assertive Minneapolis Properties LLC, a name that has been nothing but trouble ever since it first hit this blogger's radar. This entity owned the house where Christian Byrd, a no account from Chicago, reportedly lived before being charged as a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.They also owned the "Hillside Hotspot" when it caught fire, quite possibly from the accumulated body heat of 24 people packed inside.  

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It should be noted Shufford is not the only person charged with the crime. Also charged is Adaiah Deontraie Townsend, whose address is reportedly 3040 Sumter Ave., Crystal, MN. 

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Anonymous said...

The scum running Assertive found their original moniker, Violence Properties LLC, didn't resonate well with focus groups.