Sunday, December 1, 2013

This Is The Victim Impact Statement That Judge Pamela Alexander Wouldn't Allow To Be Read Into The Record At The Sentencing Of Armed Crack Dealer DeWayne "Dirty Finger" Day...

These mugshots were on a major media website and labeled as "Hennepin County
Mugshots," therefore they are public domain, blog post by John Hoff 

Outrage continues this Sunday morning over the sentencing of DeWayne "Dirty Finger" Day in the court of Honorable Judge Pamela Alexander, a judge whose beliefs on crack cocaine sentences are so far to the radical left that she was too liberal for a federal appointment under the Clinton Administration. 

I have received a copy of the victim impact statement which Folwell-Weber-Camden neighborhood organization Executive Director Roberta Englund wanted to read into the record in its entirety, but was cut off from doing so by... 

...Judge Alexander. 

Click here for the impact Statement. 

In the near future, JNS blog will be digging into all the addresses associated with DeWayne Day, who had his trigger finger all over a 44 Magnum similar to the weapon used in "Dirty Harry" movies. Who was that weapon aimed at?

Us. Our neighborhood. 

This man should have been locked away for a long time but Judge Pamela Alexander is letting him out early to terrorize the decent people of North Minneapolis. This slack, incomprehensible sentence of DeWayne Day has become a rallying incident and people are asking, "How can I get involved in the Fourth District Court Watch movement?" 

I'm working to get that info but for now I would say, "Contact Roberta Englund." 


Anonymous said...

Looks like the only black people Judge Pamela Alexander cares about are the criminals.

Anonymous said...

Wait, why wouldn't she let the impact statement be read??