Monday, December 23, 2013

Two Women Try To Score Xanax In North Minneapolis, One Ends Up Shot, The Other Pistol Whipped In The Face, Young Michael Lashone Ferguson Is Accused Of The Crime...

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This happened in September but was dug up as part of my effort to obtain information about accused criminals with half a dozen particular surnames, which may correspond to Minneapolis crime families. What a sad little cautionary tale turned up in my net, click here for criminal complaint.

Two women (and I assume they were YOUNG women) whose initials are AA and GD were driving around North Minneapolis trying to score "Xanax bars." It turns out Xanax, a popular prescription drug which is often abused, comes in long rectangular tables which are...

...scored, so these can be broken into as many as four separate doses.

Who knew? Even Johnny Northside learns stuff on Johnny Northside. Happens all the time.

In a manner rather typical of young, dumb, suburban people who try to score drugs in North Minneapolis, the women drove up to some dude standing on a street corner and asked if they could score Xanax.

"I don't have any," the dude answered. "But, uh, yeah, MY FRIEND AROUND THE CORNER, he can hook you up."

This would have been the same answer if the women were asking to score sea cucumbers, unicorn snot, or plastic explosives. The intention to commit robbery was probably formed at this very instant and it was just a matter of following through.

So three males came walking up to the car and got in the back seat "without permission." One of the males said where to drive, and the girls drove there. Then ALL THREE MALES PULLED OUT A GUN and one said (though it was really a formality to actually say it) "Give me all you got."

Incredibly, one of the girls, AA, refused to hand over her money based upon the same stupid naive world view which had put her in this situation in the first place. So one of the robbers, who was later allegedly identified as Michael Lashone Ferguson, started beating her in the face with his gun.

At some point there was a gunshot, and GD realized she was shot in the leg. Meanwhile, one of the males was outside the car, trying to yank AA's purse out of her hands. GD, who was in the driver's seat, threw the car into reverse and struck a parked car to the rear. The robbers who were in the vehicle got out and ran.

So then began the long, panicked drive to the hospital. GD managed to drive for a few blocks with a gunshot in the leg, but then had to pull over and let AA drive, because she couldn't feel her leg.

Later, after police met GD at the hospital, GD was taken to the area where the incident happened and identified 2801 Irving Ave. N. as the location of the incident.

Fingerprints were recovered from the car and both women identified Michael Lashone Ferguson as the person in the car who beat AA in the head with a gun.

Ferguson only has one conviction, a juvenile matter for being in possession of a weapon. That was just last year. His home of record on the criminal complaint is 2727 Girard Ave. N., apartment #2. This building is owned by Broadway Ave. LLC, an entity controlled by James W. Tindall, who was involved in buying up 20 of the 58 Pamiko Properties foreclosures, as documented on Hawthorne Hawkman's North By Northside blog, click here. 

Now that we've covered all THAT...

Despite my critical tone, it is the position of JNS blog these young women should NOT be prosecuted for trying to score drugs. They are cooperating with authorities, have both suffered enough, and I'm not aware of any previous criminal history. They are a valuable cautionary tale and object lesson that THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO SCORE DRUGS IN NORTH MINNEAPOLIS. 


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the story of Mark Loesch in 2007 in S Mpls. He may have tried to score drugs at 38th & Chicago, but was lured around the corner where he was beaten to death with a baseball bat. It also reminds me of a few situations I put myself in where the same could have happened to me. Don't try to buy drugs from young black males.

Anonymous said...

Yes, only buy your drugs from decent white males. SMH! Racists drug consumers,fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the victims now suffer from anxiety and panic attacks as a result of this incident, they just might get their own prescriptions for Xanax! Problem solved!

Johnny Northside said...

Race-baiting comment rejected. This isn't all about race, it's about "the content of character."

Anonymous said...


90% of the 100% is by "the content of character." I get it [wink wink]? Good one. JOHNNYBOY!


Anonymous said...

Any white's that live north will die at sometime in some unfortunate situation and racism dictates that the white individual was probably purchasing drugs or up to no good when they simply may live north or be visiting relatives.
How about that shit for reverse racism??? Content of character my all of your racist shit and call a duck a fucking duck!!
Hate crimes are equal opportunity crimes and it is about time that white's are not the only one's accused of them. Double standard shit designed to let certain elements of society continue assaulting and killing other elements knowing that the "HATE" part will never be a factor because "only white people are racist". My ass.

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not sure what half that crap was, but it seemed to be a substantive enough commentary on the fact all races are capable of hate crimes. It fits through the filter so I'm approving it, though it has a mean spirited and off-kilter crazy tone.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think MOST of you don't actually LIVE in Nomi. PLEASE, oh please tell me of ALL the recent hate crime or killing of white people in Nomi. Murder hurts all of us as PEOPLE, we are all people, however, no innocent white or black people have been killed in N. Minneapolis recently, if ever. Drugs and drug crimes are a part of ALL races as well and are a problem for ALL of us on many levels.

Johnny Northside said...

Racist comment rejected. And, by the way, I've never heard this nicknames for the towns you mention, so I assume you just made them up. They're really not that clever.

Anonymous said...

2:37 are you smoking your own product? "No innocent white or black people have been killed in N. Mpls. recently, if ever"? I don't think you are from Nomi if you think that.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you... double fuck you... Dec 26 @ 2:37 p.m., Racist's come from all walks of life and Black's SHOULD be charged with hate crimes just like White's or any other scum.

Johnny Northside! said...

Racist comment rejected. I do not know why, oh, why you just keep on trying.