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Mayday 2009 Incident Just North Of Boggy Bridge, Yes, It's The Juicy And Long-Awaited Details On The Arrest Of Eric And Jerome Yzaguirre In Atoka County, Oklahoma...

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Somebody out there knows what JNS blog loves for Christmas! INFORMATION!

So tonight it's an early Christmas because I am suddenly in possession of information I've wanted for a long time, which came figuratively wrapped in a big red bow. It is the old criminal complaint (known in Oklahoma as a criminal "information") about a serious drug and weapon incident involving Eric and Jerome Yzaguirre which happened in Atoka County, Oklahoma. Criminal pleas for both these young men stemmed from the arrest.

My regular readers will recall there is a long and twisted history with the Yzaguirres, involving actual and alleged criminal behavior by all three of the kids (Nicole, Eric and Jerome) wacky lawsuits filed by their suspended attorney Jill Clark, and even a recent shooting which very nearly claimed the life of Jerome.

Despite the persistently bad behavior of her brood, (or maybe BECAUSE of their bad behavior) their mother "Crazy" Terry Yzaguirre of the Mpls Mirror blog has been a persistently shrill critic of this blogger's attempts to clean up North Minneapolis.

Click here to read the criminal complaint about Eric, which includes details about Jerome.

Click here to read about Eric's deferred sentence. 

I guess not a lot of excitement happens in Atoka County, because the criminal information contains a rich telling of the tale which happened May 1, 2009, just north of Boggy Bridge...

Officer Cody McGinty was sitting at the Intersection of Sand Road and combined state highways 69/75  in the little town of Caney, Oklahoma. A dark colored minivan traveling north (toward Minnesota) had just gone by with a headlight out, which is the kind of thing you should avoid when you have drugs and a gun on board, yes, even when passing through little Caney, Oklahoma.

ESPECIALLY when passing through little Caney, where they WILL pull you over for something like a bad headlight.

The 1998 Chevy van had license plate VPJ379 and came to a stop just north of Boggy Bridge. The driver, Jerome PHILLIP Yzaguirre, said the window wouldn't roll down upon his POS van, so the officer had Jerome open the door and out came the reek of marijuana.

The officer later stated that Jerome seemed nervous. His hands were shaking and he was talking fast. While the officer wrote a ticket Jerome had sweat pouring down his face, but tried to blame this on the fact the POS van didn't have air conditioning. Which really must have sucked, because ALSO the window didn't roll down.

"Is there anything illegal in the vehicle I need to know about?" Officer McGinty asked, and one has the sense he's just MESSING with Jerome at this point. The officer can smell weed so he's going to detain and search the vehicle, but how much easier if he can just get permission.

"No," Jerome answered, and to be fair his answer depends on your interpretation of "I need to know about."

Jerome gave permission to search the vehicle but mentioned there was a handgun. Which, as it turns out, was in a purple bag which also contained THE WEED. (Yes, I couldn't help but picture a purple Crown Royal bag of the kind Al Flowers, friend of the Yzaguirres, likes to keep his ammunition but it wasn't a Crown Royal bag at all, it sounds like some kind of duffel bag and purple was only ONE of the colors in the bag)

So there was weed in the bag. There was weed wrapped in a paper towel and wadded up in a cigarette box of Newports (it would have to be NEWPORTS) which brother Eric Yzaguirre gallantly claimed as his own. And there were, like, zip lock bags which had weed, too. The complaint is confusing because it talks about a pound and then the lab determined a quarter pound. So it's not clear to me whether it was a quarter pound, total, a pound, total, or a pound and a quarter.

And a gun.

Anyway, that was the incident. There are documents for Jerome out there, too, but I assume these are very similar.

At the time of the incident, Eric stated his address in Texas was 2600 West Ridge, Houston, TX.

JNS blog also reported back in June of 2012 about Eric facing charges in a robbery involving answering an ad on Craigslist. Writing this article prompted me to check the Minnesota online court system. Turns out Eric was convicted of one theft charge on a guilty plea in February of this year. The case was  27-CR-11-40640.

Currently, Eric owes $578 on the case and it was rejected by collections for "incomplete party data." 


Anonymous said...

Can't be all bad. Didn't Minneapolis pay them? $3,000 buys a lot of Newports! Spend it before itgets collected!

"Request for City Council Committee Action
From the City Attorney’s Office
Date: August 23, 2013
To: ‘ Ways & Means/Budget Committee
Referral to:
Subject: Terry Yzaguirre and Jerome Yzaguirre v. City of Minneapolis, Officer Raichert, John Does 1-10, 891‘.
Patricia Annoni, Hennepin County, Michael Freeman, and Susan Segal
United States District Court File No.: 12-130 JRT/AJB
Recommendation: That the City Council approve the settlement of this case by payment of $3,000 payable to Terry and
Jerome Yzaguirre, from Fund/Org. 6900 150 1500 145400 and'authorize the City Attorney's Office to execute any
documents necessary to effectuate settlement"

Johnny Northside said...

Which lawsuit was that? Was that the "free my beater" lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

One of these brothers was reportedly in the car on January 25, 2013 when Ledell Williams Jr (aka Juney Soprano) was shot on E 36th Street (South side). It's been many months, but last I'd heard, Juney was still in a coma @ HCMC. Juney & one of the Yzaguirres were supposedly on a run delivering "lean" or something. I wonder whether Juney is still alive. Whoever was in the car with him probably knows who did the shooting. Juney reportedly comes from a real stand-up family (no sarcasm intended) so their son wallowing in bad choices is a sad thing. There but for the grace of God...

Johnny Northside said...

The dude is STILL on life support? I keep hearing that and I've heard it since, like, the beginning of the year when this happened but I've never had confirmation of it. This was the instance where somebody, possibly the shooter, communicated with me and I turned my emails over to the police when they said they were going to get a subpoena.