Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Claudia Cutler, Mother Of Letaija Cutler-Cain, Alleged Mall of America Attacker Of Mark Andrew, Is No Angel Herself...

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The Pioneer Press is naming Claudia Culter as the mother of Letaija Cutler-Cain, one of the young women alleged to have attacked Minneapolis mayoral candidate Mark Andrew for his cell phone at Mall of America. Click here for previous blog story. 

In the Pioneer Press story, Claudia Cutler said she was sick (presumably over the incident) and hadn't eaten in three days. Fair enough. The woman didn't eat.

But based on her record of criminal convictions, JNS blog can't help but wonder if maybe she had a little drinky-winky...

Claudia Doreno Cutler, DOB 7/21/78, was convicted in 2000 of giving a false name to police. The online record lists her alias as Claudia Dorena CUTLEN. She received unsupervised probation. In 2004 she was convicted of no child restraint. That's worrisome enough, but this woman also likes to drive INTOXICATED.

In 2006 she was convicted of 4th Degree DWI. In 2012 she was convicted of another DWI. Looks like she got home detention monitoring, so now mommy and daughter will have that in common.

Here is a link to her mug shot, click here.

The Pioneer Press article also names Letaija Cutler-Cain's grandmother, which is Helen Edwards. This is a common name, so there's no way for me to be certain with any reasonable degree of confidence whether this is the same Helen Edwards born 5/27/54, a resident of the 55411 North Minneapolis zip code, who was convicted of wrongfully obtaining public assistance in 1993. I would not, however, take the other side of the bet.

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Anonymous said...

Does Letaija have any kids yet? If not, at 18 she's way behind schedule. Claudia's already 34. How long is she going to have to wait to be a grandma? If they don't like the mockery, maybe they should stay out of the news by NOT COMMITTiNG CRIMES! I know, I know, only God can judge, right?