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THREE Years Since The Death Of Major Topps, And Big-Talking Blogger Don Allen Still Hasn't Delivered The Answers He Promised...

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Well, it's becoming kind of a holiday tradition here at Johnny Northside: Every year, around this time, I mention that big-talking blogger Don Allen PROMISED everybody that he'd get to the bottom of the circumstances surrounding the death of Major Topps. Topps was beaten in the basement of a church. Some weeks later, he died, supposedly of causes unrelated to the beating. There was a great deal of whispering about Major Topps which can be adequately described with a single nickname:


Let me quote, once again as per the holiday tradition, what Don Allen told everybody in a blog posting dated November 2, 2010...
IBNN NEWS will dig deep on behalf of Major Topps in an effort to get all the information needed to address his (what we attest) is murder.

So, I ask, where is this deep digging? Where are the facts Don Allen promised he would lay before the public? It would appear people are not willing to talk to Don Allen and don't consider him a "sell out" and even a "devil worshipper." 

(By this I assume they mean he worships money, an indirect worship of the devil, and not that Don Allen worships the devil DIRECTLY) 

Here's some of what people had to say to and about Don Allen and coverage of the mysterious death of Major Topps soon after a brutal ass-whipping in the basement of New Bethel Church. 

From Cheryl Anderson:

How dare you put something I said in your news cast, and say that I was unidentified, I never gave you permission to say what I said, how dare you Donald, you are a sell out, don’t use Rev Topps death to increase your power, you are not a good man, I rebuke you IN THE NAME OF JESUS, CAUSE YOUR A WORSHIPPER OF THE DEVIL, I rebuke you and stomp the devil, how dare you do this to me and our church and Rev Topps death is not 
your podium to excel , God will look upon you I pray for you my brother

From Lisa Clemons, who is the sister of "mayor of crazy town" Al Flowers, sometimes friend and more often enemy of Don Allen, as follows:

Are you serious Donald Allen! At a time when Major Topp’s family, the community, and his friends in New Bethel are in mourning you are trying your hand at being a reporter. STOP IT! Pastor Hightower would be a fool to call you for an interview. This is not a game. A dear, long-time friend of mine is gone and, no matter what happened on that fateful Sunday, we will not see him again.
Stop acting like you have a media source. You stole that information from Cheryl Anderson’s response to your allegations earlier today. Her response was posted on facebook and you did a cut and paste job. She never gave you an interview and asked to not be identified you wretched liar.
Clarence and Major had a very strong friendship, and I know from first hand knowledge, no matter what people may have thought of Major, Clarence Hightower was a true supporter, as was I.
In the heading of this article you said, “Less than two –weeks ago in north Minneapolis Major Topps told me, “Keep doing what your doing Don, I might need your help someday.” I find that hard to believe. Major would want to be remembered for the positive things he did in the community and the impact that he had on our young people. He would not want to be the cause of division.
Let us grieve Major without you trying to divide the community and the churches. GO LAY BY YOUR DISH DON!
I love you Major Topps and my prayers go out to your children and you family.

JNS blog is still trying to figure out the precise meaning, symbolism and intent of GO LAY BY YOUR DISH DON! but it can't be good.
It is the speculation of this blog that something is being covered up in the community, that wagons have circled and the word is out: Don't talk about what happened to Major Topps and don't talk ABOUT Major Topps. 

Don't talk to Don Allen, don't talk to the Star Tribune, and WHATEVER YOU DO don't talk to Johnny Northside.
But my ears are still pressed to the ground, three years later. 
Inquiring minds want to know in NOMI. 


Don Allen said...

Dear Mr.Hoff:

If you would like information on Mr. Topps, please call me anytime.

Thank you,

Mr Clarence Hightower

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Anonymous said...

Why no comments here? Because big Don has problems in south Minneapolis and is currently occupied with business and has a full plate.

Johnny Northside! said...


Tell me more about THAT.

Anonymous said...

Of course your "ear is pressed to the ground." It's easy to have your ear pressed to the ground when the rest of your mind and body are in the gutter! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Ooohh!!! don has johnnie Cochran for a lawyer. why wouldn't Hightower just post the message?

Johnny Northside! said...

Here's an email Don sent me...


I don't leave comments on your site

Donald Allen
8:05 PM (16 minutes ago)

to me
BTTD = Better things to do.


To which I say: BTTD? Is that supposed to be clever? Was that an attempt at an acronym? A pretty lame attempt it was. Actually pretty typical of Don's expressive writing skill, however.

Here is a guy who pours content into the internet day after day, and his content is just...

Pointless. Like this lame little piece of non-expressive expressiveness that he took the time to email me, while claiming all the while he's NOT paying attention to what I write.

Anonymous said...

He has NO time to comment but he has time to read your blog and the comments. Don Allen is such a freak he should stick to chasing women and ranting about poverty pimps and democrats.