Thursday, December 19, 2013

Like A Rare And Delicate Flower That Smells Like A Sweaty, Dirty Old Pervert, Peter Rickmyer Filed A Federal Lawsuit Against JACC Which Bloomed, Faded And Died Oh-So-Quickly...

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by John Hoff

Information floating around that came my way is as follows: Peter Rickmyer, the notorious Level Three Sex Offender and frivolous litigant who lives in North Minneapolis but has been wanted on a warrant out of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma since about 1990,  recently filed an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission complaint against the Jordan Area Community Council.

When the complaint was dismissed, he filed a federal lawsuit which was dismissed with amazing speed for any court of law; not so much a dismissal as chasing a stray animal out of the courthouse.

Rickmyer is not, of course, employed by JACC nor did he ever (to my knowledge) apply to JACC for a job, EVER. But lack of the correct forum for a complaint has never really been a problem for Rickmyer, who has already been declared a frivolous litigant in Hennepin County District Court and is facing a ruling in federal court about whether he is a frivolous litigant THERE, as well.

JNS blog is named in THAT lawsuit and represented by legal counsel...

Clearly, Rickmyer is anticipating how that federal ruling will go and he's already shopping around for a new forum to file his vexatious paper, which is the EEOC. But then Rickmyer followed up with a filing in federal court, where he hasn't been banned, not quite YET. This blogger was under the impression Rickmyer "pinky swore" to the judge not to file any new paper in federal court until the OTHER lawsuit was dismissed--UM, I MEAN, until the judge RULED on that other lawsuit--but how long can you trust the "pinky swear" of a pervert?

(Creepy Rickmyer voice)

Won't put it where it's not supposed to go. PINKY SWEAR! 

Rickmyer's most recent complaint reportedly involved the issue of handicapped accessibility at a building owned by JACC. Rickmyer, of course, is not in need of handicapped access such as wheelchair ramps but has tried to invoke the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the past, alleging some vague cognitive disability. This has nothing whatsoever to do with wheelchair access but, hey, he has a COGNITIVE DISABILITY so how could he figure that out?

You see how the chicken creates its own egg, there?

(Creepy Rickmyer voice)

I should have a right to sue because I'm incapable of grasping why I DON'T have a right to sue. 

Rickmyer's Minnesota Department of Corrections Supervisor, Gregory Fletcher, appears powerless to do anything but let Rickmyer run wild and vex his neighbors, getting some kind of creepy sex offender jollies like that. And this whole time, incredibly, Rickmyer has been wanted on a warrant in Oklahoma which, of course, Oklahoma doesn't want to enforce with extradition. The warrant is, in effect, Rickmyer repellant for the state of Oklahoma.

The federal lawsuit, which I'm told secondhand was 13-CV-02900-JNE-JJG, did elicit some brief comment from the judge in the dismissal. I'm told the judge pointed out Rickmyer never actually alleged the property in question LACKED the handicapped access, he merely outlined what the property supposedly NEEDED. But an actual dot-your-i's-and-cross-your-t's allegation the property LACKED the necessary features was MISSING from the filing.

And then there's the whole issue of how Rickmyer doesn't NEED a wheelchair ramp in the first place.

Some wag in the Jordan neighborhood summarized it this way:

Because he can stand, he lacks standing to sue. 

And the pervy beat goes on...

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