Monday, December 30, 2013

Information Comes Floating My Way About Proton Investments Inc And It Doesn't Look Good...

Facebook photo, provided to me by a source, used under First Amendment Fair
Comment and Criticism and public safety exception to copyright, blog post by
John Hoff

Yesterday, after I wrote about Assertive Minneapolis Properties LLC and all the entities and individuals linked to that scuzzball operation, extensive information came from the same credible source(s) about an even more troublesome entity in North Minneapolis, Proton Investments Inc.

Cutting right to the chase, click here to check out this "bubble chart" meticulously compiled by my source. This info was more or less gifted to me and I'm simply promulgating it. I was not responsible for compiling it nor for any assertions it might make. Click here for an explanatory document about the bubble chart. This contains much the same information, only in a different form.

Proton has been the subject of prior coverage on this blog on a number of prior occasions; that is to say, Proton and some of their...

...sleezeball tenants. And when I say "tenants" I mean suspected and/or reported tenants in those instances where the names are coming off criminal complaints and/or the jail roster.

I'm not saying all Proton Investments Inc tenants are sleezeballs, I'm just saying I've never heard of one that WAS NOT.

Click here for previous blog article, and also here; go ahead and click here if you feel like it; don't stop now why don't you go ahead and click here, also; and here's one more article for DESSERT, click here. 

The photo above, taken from the Proton Investments Inc. Facebook page, (click here to view it but you won't have any luck unless you have a Facebook account) shows two individuals associated with Proton who are posing with Luther Kruger, head of the Minneapolis Police Problem Properties Director. I imagine they have conversations with that guy frequently enough. Kruger is in the middle, the two men to either side are Andrey Sokurek and Alex Delendik.

My source goes further and says more about those Eastern European names, but JNS blog awaits for further proofs on those assertions.

Proton is, in a word, SCARY.

(JNS Blog notes: It was my intention to "data dump" the contents of the second document at the end of this document, but I'm having technical difficulties copying and pasting due to the large size of the article. I will get these problems solved and feed the hungry Googlebots later) 


Anonymous said...

Other than exposing slumlords in North for who they are, which is appreciated by this reader, what else can be done and what is the next step? The city does not seem to be doing much. North will only improve when their blight and the blight they bring to the neighborhood is gone.

Anonymous said...

Links verifying Homestead Road is located at the 5353 Wayzata office (Andrey's office appears the same in the Proton videos); also shows more of the people involved in that little web, including Andrey and Alex Delendik, aka Alexander Dzialendzik.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous 'infomercials' from Proton:

"What I did to sell my upside down house".

Notice this process happened so quickly the woman giving the testimonial couldn't even remember the name of the company!

"How to buy a house without a credit."

Really, how is that possible?

Anonymous said...

And, of course, they are all over Facebook...shaking hands with Arnold Schwarzenegger, going to Vikings & Wolves games and threatening the Russian players. These sound like real scary guys.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of wolves wearing sheep's clothing, 8:16?

Anonymous said...


Reading Roberto Rodriguez's CRAP-dentials is such a freaking JOKE!!


In addition to the PhD he already *finished* he is also working on a second at a school in Switzerland...Riiiiiight.

But wait! There's more!

Fucking 3 JDs, 19 Masters degrees, and zero BAs.

Huh, that's funny. Didn't know you could get accepted into grad school without an undergraduate education.

Let's not forget the two MEDALs of (dis)HONOR and his inclusion (ha!) in the Wall of Tolerance.

Regrettably, Roberto forgot to list his Palme d'Or from Cannes, his Nobel Prize in Law, Slumlording and Shit Cuisine (ah, but a trifle), his untethered space walk from the shuttle Challenger, his 16 Purple Hearts, his Tony from "The Oldest Living Conferederate Widow Tells All" (2003), and his MacArthur Genius Grant for inventing fingerboarding.

Damn, you know, it's hard to keep that resume updated when hoovering-up properties in NoMi takes up your 9-5.

Anonymous said...

So...Why exactly would these individuals need so many aliases and shady covers if they were legit?

Anonymous said...

Writing your own comments again, eh, John?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't our City/County Govt. taking a closer look at these operations?

What is the criminal background of these individuals? I hear Rodriguez isn't even this guys real name?

Johnny Northside said...

I do not, and never have, written my own comments anonymously. The substantive comments you are probably referring to are written by a source known to me. I told this source to go write some comments because I was too busy to get that interesting material up there immediately; material that has already been shared with me. But those are not my comments.

There is a lot of material I hope to publish in the future about Roberto Rodriguez and his habit of puffing up his academic qualifications with degrees he has not earned. In the meantime, I'm glad it's coming out in those comments.

Anonymous said...

Do we even have anyone within the Govt. who cares about mortgage fraud or the quality of livability in our town?

Anonymous said...

The city of Minneapolis is compliant with these characters and abetting them in their ripping off of our citizens 100%, or the pigs that run the city are the biggest bunch of ignorant assholes ever and we are about to get anther mindless Sayles-Belton-type bitch taking over.
Pray, put your head between your legs and kiss your collective asses good-bye. Pray to your toilet bowl.

Anonymous said...

Three honest looking ,I guess, white guys, Everyone trust's white guys, HEH? They got us where we are ,HEH ? Fuck me runnin'....

Johnny Northside! said...

I normally reject racial commentary but in regard to the comment about "three white guys," I'm allowing it because...well, I don't know why, exactly. It just feels like a substantive comment not rooted in anger and stupidity. It has a glimmer (though not a sparkle) of intelligence. Suffice to say, it's right on the line, but I'm letting this one pass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04

This is but one more link in the chain of coverups and shills by this group. Check out the link to the chart on the main article.

It is amazing how our local government willingly participated in the foreclosure process to protect the banks which created an environment for these abuses and yet takes no responsibility for the outcome that allows our community to lay victim to these greedy investors. As a society we should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Case No. 27-CV-84-008637

Case Type: Change of Name
Date Filed: 06/06/1984
Location: - Hennepin Civil


Case No. 27-CR-89-900107
State of Minnesota vs JOSE GAUDENCIO GOMEZ
Case Type: Crim/Traf Mandatory
Date Filed: 04/20/1989
Location: Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
DOB: 02/18/1944

Case No. 27-CR-02-064698

Case Type: Crim/Traf Mandatory
Date Filed: 07/25/2002
Location: Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown
Defendant RODRIGUEZ, ROBERTO MIGUEL Male DOB: 02/18/1944

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm not sure how any of that "Rodriguez" info fits, but I can see somebody is trying to comment and add information, so I'm approving the comment, but given the variations on the names and birthdays...I'm not sure how it fits...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, 10:25...perhaps a NoMi version featuring Roberto Rodriguez, Int'l Man of Slumlordery, running down Lowry or Penn with his Eastern European mafioso is in order.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Case No. 27-CR-97-066134
State of Minnesota vs