Sunday, December 1, 2013

Missing Dog "Buddy" Last Seen 2PM At 45th And Lyndale, Still Wearing His Blue Harness...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

"Buddy," pictured above, is owned by North Minneapolis resident Brian Bjerke. Over the past week, there have been repeated sightings of this dog, still wearing his blue harness as pictured above. Buddy was last seen Friday, about 2 PM, and 45th and Lyndale.

Buddy responds to his own name and his owner is out looking, constantly, posting flyers and distributing information to websites. If you find Buddy, his owner is looking for him and promises to make it "worth your while" to recover his lost and missing canine companion. 


Anonymous said...

Dogs only run away from people they don't like he knows where his Home is

Johnny Northside! said...


You're just a troll trying to rain on a parade of good citizenship and pet owner responsibility. If you send me a photo of the dog in his little distinctive blue harness in your possession, I will eat a can of silkworm larvae on YouTube.

Johnny Northside! said...

Dog found. Here is the story from North Vent.

Here is my story of how I got my dog back on Wednesday December 18th. Sorry for it being so long but to get my dog back on that day there was a number of event that happen some at the right time. It was decide on sunday 12/15/13 that I was going back to North side to Search for Buddy on 12/18. When I woke up I almost cancelled my trip to Minneapolis Because I had a hard time sleeping and was tired. I also did not know what I was going to do that I already haven’t done. My words before I left home was I going not because I want to but because I feel I have to. My plan was to drive and walk around looking for Buddy and also knock on doors and hand out about 120 3x3 flyers in the area of lyndale to Bryant and 45th ave to 49th. After a hour of driving around I spent a couple hours knocking on doors. That made me more depressed because by this time it was early afternoon and I only had about 3-4 hours of daylight left and I only hand out about 15 flyers because for ever 5 houses I knocked on one person would answer the door and half the time the person would be someone you could tell did not go outside often. I got back in my car not knowing what i was going to do next. After giving a couple flyers to people that I drove past. I decide to drive around and give a flyer to every person I seen. That went good by 6pm I got rid of all the flyers in the area from Lyndale to penn and 49th to broadway. I decide I was going to stop by a couple friends house and then head back home. I got a phone about 7pm from a guy saying he knows a women in south minneapolis that has my dog and if he grabs him will I have the reward. I told him yes and to call me when he has my dog. To me it sounded like another false alarm because his main concern was the reward. Then around 8pm I got a phone call from someone that said he was a police officer and he was at a house that had my dog but they had no way to transport him. So he gave me the address I replied i’ll be there in about 15 min. At that time I was at penn and olson memorial hwy but I need to go to 46th and Aldrich first to pick up the reward money. On the way to 46th I decide to drive by 25th and Bryant to find out if there was a cop car there. when I seen the cop car I could not get to 46th and aldrich and back fast enough. When arriving at the address i pulled up behind the cop car when I got out of the car so did the officers they lead me to the 2nd floor of a duplex where one of the cops knocked on the door. (by this time my mind was going crazy) when the door opened There was my dog Buddy and 3 kids ( I never seen a adult) Buddy’s whole back end was wiggling and he came running towards me. There was no doubt to anyone in the room if he was my dog. While the officers were getting into their car after we left I asked them who call them about the dog, a officer replied. that they were there for a unrelated call and seen a small flyer of my dog on a table and seen my dog. then the cops left It took me a minutes to process everything and realize that the cop were the one that deserved the reward . A hour later i decided to call the guy back that called me at 7pm to let him know that I had my dog. when I called a woman answered I said someone called me earlier about my dog she replied you were just here and pick up your dog and hung up.
What I think happen was that the guy that called me use the phone of the lady who had my dog and when he tried to grab my dog to collect the reward something happen and the cops got call. It does seem that amazing when i put it on paper but it’s a day i won’t forget.