Friday, December 13, 2013

James Kirk Arrested, Accused Of Marijuana Possession...

William Shatner as James Kirk, in a publicity photo for the original Star Trek, used
on Wikipedia, now used for First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism here, blog
post by John Hoff

According to jail roster information, James Kirk was arrested on December 9 for "not a small amount" of marijuana possession, allegedly. He was released from custody on December 10 with no bail required. Hennepin County Sheriff's Department carried out the arrest on a bench warrant sought and obtained by the Golden Valley Police Department.

James Kirk, whose birthday is 7/16/1990, might well be the namesake of the famous fictional character of James Tiberius Kirk.

THIS James Kirk's middle name is "Ray," however that also sounds "science fiction-y." His address is 6812 Cloverdale Avenue, Crystal, Minnesota.

I'm not nearly as much of a Star Wars geek as a number of other personalities in North Minneapolis, but all the same it's a bit of a thrill to write a headline containing the name "James Kirk." Now a word to parents who are naming their kids:

Keep in mind that bloggers and headline writers are drawn to odd names, and can you assume your child will never, ever find himself in jail? Look what happened to Picasso and Socrates Dejoachim. 

Sure, think about wacky names all you like but then...

Let the medication from labor wear off and pick a more average name. 


Anonymous said...

I think I had an encounter with him.
Not 100% sure, but there was this spaced out dude in the paper isle up at Cub the other day and he reeked of marijuana.
He asked me if I knew what Star Trek and Charmin had in common. I turned around and walked away, but he yelled: "they both go to Uranus to wipe out the Kingons!"
I had to groan. It was such an old joke. Marc Antony musta told that one to Cleopatra.

Johnny Northside! said...

You meant to write "Klingons" not "Kingons."

Truly an oldie but a goodie. My thrill of writing about James Kirk appears to be paying off handsomely in the comments section.

Or not.