Monday, December 23, 2013

Cops Recognized Alonzo McCoy On Sight, A Tre Tre Crip On Parole Who Wasn't Supposed To Play With Guns...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

I wrote some days about about Alonzo McCoy and the rather surprising news he'd been out on the streets this month after his infamous involvement in the shooting of Alisha Neely. More than one person was shooting, and Alonzo was one of him. But police don't think it was HIS bullet that killed McNeely.

Now I have a copy of the criminal incident which looks like it may put Alonzo right back behind bars, click here for that complaint.

It was a snowy day in early December and "high ranking" members of the Tre Tre Crips were riding dirty in a vehicle with crack, allegedly, but this still wasn't enough to make them obey the speed limit, allegedly...

The vehicle pulled up near Demetrius McCoy and police were right behind. In the vicinity where McCoy was standing, still warm from body heat even though it was 7 degrees outside, was a black and silver handgun; loaded, with a round in the chamber.

Police knew McCoy by sight. He was arrested. Another arrest resulted from the crack cocaine in the vehicle.

At the time of the arrest, McCoy listed has address as 2323 26th Ave. N., see previous article for more info about that address.


Anonymous said...

If the cops knew him at first sight, it was because they'd seen his mug on this blog. Hello, coppers !

Anonymous said...

Lmfao a tre tre crip omg how old are theese people?holy fuck get a grip lol a tre tre crip