Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's This? Oh-So-Sneaky Don Allen Trying To Post A Comment On Johnny Northside's Blog? Be Sure You Aren't Logged In To Your BlogSpot Profile Before You Try To Post "Anonymously," Don!

Facebook image of Don Allen obtained from his Facebook and used
under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, and public 
safety exception for purposes of visually identifying a con man, blog post
by John Hoff

I often get anonymous comments which appear to be attempts to spread gossip about prominent people in the Minneapolis black community, and I often SUSPECT these are anonymous comments left by unsavory IBNN blogger Don Allen...

...but it's hard to PROVE something like that. 

Today, however, I received the following comment on a recent story I wrote specifically about Don Allen, and how Don Allen hadn't followed up with a promise he made three years ago to get to the bottom (that pun was an accident, really) of the death of Major Topps, a/k/a "Minor Bottoms." 

Check out this comment:

Dear Mr.Hoff: If you would like information on Mr. Topps, please call me anytime. Thank you, Mr Clarence Hightower 612-302-3100 on THREE Years Since The Death Of Major Topps, And Big-Talking Blogger Don Allen Still Hasn't Delivered The Answers He Promised...

Interesting. Whoever left this comment was logged into BlogSpot as Don Allen. Of course, when I try to click on the profile it is blocked, which is not surprising. Don blocks me on Facebook forums, unable to face his former co-defendant in the Blogosphere Trial of the Century where Don played JUDAS, betraying both me and patriotic defense of the First Amendment. (This is hardly surprising. Don Allen is so unpatriotic he once stole from a bedridden vet at the VA hospital) 

The fact I am blocked from viewing the profile is actually one reason I think it's really Don Allen who wrote it.  

But I think the person who left this comment MEANT to leave it anonymously. 

But I do not plan to call Pastor Hightower, however. Don Allen can grind his own axe in the black church community without help from me. 


Don Allen said...

Johnny, I'm glad you think I post to your slanderous missives. Thank you for this post, I've been waiting for this.

Johnny Northside! said...

You're oh-so-welcome, Don Whose BlogSpot Profile Is Blocked Just Like The Comment I Wrote About.

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but what is the rational behind this when we SCREAM from the mountain top everyday for more police? People are actually fucking dying up here and the rest have PTSD because of their damn neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Don is so BUSTED!

Anonymous said...

Channeling Rick Perry.


Anonymous said...

Why would you make Don all hot and bothered by writing about him? I'm sure you've notice he likes ANY attention. It is funny to se him BUSTED though.

Dave T. said...

For what it's worth Don Allen and I are "friends", and he has not blocked me from his Facebook or Google profiles. Yet, when I try to view this profile it shows that the profile is not found. When I click on his profile in other blog posts that I know he has written his profile is visible.
This would suggest that the comments attributed to Don Allen in this blog are in fact forgeries posted from a fake profile.
I will be reporting this to Google so they can look into who is creating fake profiles.

Anonymous said...

SCREAM! for more Minneapolis POLICE? What 'cha trying ta do, Make bad situation worse! MPLS PORK will just end up screw 'in with minor crime or spend time cheating on there time cards to get some overtime. Then when the students "wise up" that not so strait chief will TAKE ALL THE CREDIT. Then the anal mpls.POLICE UNION at 1811 University??? [correct if I have it wrong] will hire back all the fired cops from the surrounding suburbs. As for PTSD it's as fake as the adventures of johnny whatever. The jail roster is bull too! You name people as being arrested and yet there is NO RECORD of an ARREST? PICTURE or FINGERPRINTS? And last but not least How can I get on the jail roster $5, $10, $50 LET US know?
Who loves 'ya baby

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is a guy who looks in the mirror and sees someone who has been drinking every other day, or when he can hide it. I bet he wonders what happened to his youthful "ain't I the shit" days.
The area around your eyes are getting that "man of a certain age" look, Don, after drinking, and it ain't sitting well with you and you know it.
Central High, Peezo

Anonymous said...

Where are more recent comments? Or are you suppressing them to protect your story?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a washed up has-been who's seen better days. This is the guy who likes to rip off and deceive our veterans? His name has been tossed around.
He has a common name so I would like to pinpoint the possible fact. My luck seems to be that he would be easy to locate and interview in person.