Thursday, December 12, 2013

Backhoe Of Doom Is Parked In Front Of 4425 Aldrich Ave. N., A Slumlord Mahmoud Khan Rental Where Nine Occupants Were Injured In A Fire...

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Jeff Skrenes, who blogs as the Hawthorne Hawkman and started the popular North Talk Facebook forum, pointed me to some information on his forum and urged me to blog it since Jeff (social butterfly that he is) finds himself busy with other obligations.

It would appear a "Backhoe of Doom" is parked in front of 4425 Aldrich Ave. N., a notoriously decrepit eyesore owned by slumlord Mahmoud Khan. The parking of such a backhoe is always a sign of impending demolition, kind of like when a prisoner on death row is moved out of his cell and to the "ready" area, and asked what he'd like for a last meal.

This building was the scene of...

...a fire where the tenants barely escaped with their lives, some by leaping from windows.

Usually Khan's properties are tied up for years in the demolition process, including properties with no redeeming features. But this property's demise seems to be speeding along more quickly than the other properties.

Jeff passed along speculation to me that Khan would like to see the building demolished soon, along with any charred evidence it may contain of his bad landlord practices.

The building was a lovely, solid old structure which had potential before it fell into the hands of Khan. JNS blog continues to urge every rental license held by Khan to be revoked and, furthermore, an official city resolution cursing his name for all time.

There is some room for compromise in my position and I could settle for just the revocation of all his rental licenses and some modest city funding for a festive neighborhood event where Khan's likeness would be burned in effigy. 


Anonymous said...

The video is too funny! I have to look at his garbage properties on a daily basis. It's like"The Wrath of Khan" in my area.
How many years will we be discussing his slums...

Johnny Northside! said...

You know what happened to the rats in that building today?

They were BURIED ALIVE...

(Echo effect)

Buried alive...buried alive...

(Musical crescendo)