Thursday, August 1, 2013

Darnell Armstrong Threw 53 Grams Of Crack Cocaine Out A Car Window After Confidential Informant Told Police When And Where The Drugs Would Be Arriving, Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Darnell Thomas Armstrong has been arrested over 53 grams of crack cocaine. I'm not familiar with the drug, but to me that sounds like a LOT of crack. Police learned the crack would be in transit from a confidential informant, "CI."

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

According to police, the CI told them "a quantity of crack cocaine and possibly a firearm" would be delivered to the 4300 block of Girard Ave. N. by a black male with a "heavy build and a natural afro." The male would be driving a blue Buick century.

On July 18, police set up surveillance and the vehicle came right into their trap...

An officer named "Tigwell" activated his lights and siren and pulled up in front of the Buick, which caused panic in the Buick, of course. Darnell Armstrong, the driver, pulled out a clear plastic baggie from the front of his pants (also presumed to be "baggie") and threw the plastic bag at a female who was later identified as Rhonda Willette McBridge.

"SHOW YOUR HANDS!" Officer Tigwell said, and we can presume he said it loudly.

Armstrong threw the vehicle into "drive" and fled southbound on Girard Ave. N.

While fleeing, Armstrong allegedly threw 53 grams of crack cocaine out a window, which were recovered. It would appear he then STOPPED and officers took him into custody.

Armstrong already has at least three and (the way I read the complaint) possibly FOUR drug cases already pending in Hennepin County. Why was this guy even out on the street? He also has prior drug convictions.

As for Rhonda McBridge, well, all I can find on her is a single conviction for driving after suspension. Her birthday is 6/26/86.

Darnell Thomas Armstrong's address on the criminal complaint is 4334 Fremont Ave. N., a rental owned by Herman Capital Partners II, 3539 Douglas Dr. N., Crystal, MN. 


Anonymous said...

North = shit cesspool, get over it.

Anonymous said...

How do I get a deposit returned on a property with more than one owner listed on property tax website for Hennepin County?

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to getting y our deposit back...I am told that "housing court" is very user friendly and set up for just that kind of thing. Beyond that, i don't know. Have you tried everything else? Demanding your deposit back in writing, for example, from both the listed owners of the property?

I have heard...and I don't want to say I know this for certain, more fact checking would be necessary...but I've HEARD that if the landlord improperly fails to refund your deposit, they can be made to pay you MORE.

Sasha said...

After you vacate a rental property, return the keys and leave a forwarding address a landlord MUST return your damage deposit, with simple interest, within 21 days. If they are late you are entitled to twice your deposit plus interest.
The landlord may deduct reasonable "damage" from your damage deposit, if you damaged the property. They may not deduct the cost of refreshing (painting, carpet cleaning, etc.) the property for the next tenant, unless that was included in the lease.
Call your landlord named on your lease and tell them that if they refund your deposit in full within 3 days, you will not demand your right to twice the deposit amount, and will not take them to court, or file a complaint with the city licensing department.
If they don't respond go after them in court and get twice what you paid. Everyone likes free money.

PS Why are you asking in this blog?

Anonymous said...

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