Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Deande Craig Accused Of Attempted Murder In Dispute Over "Baby Mama" In Front Of Olympic Cafe...

Photo was originally used by guest author Hawthorne Hawkman
on another story about Olympic Cafe, blog post by John Hoff

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

Following up with an earlier blog post, JNS has now located the criminal complaint against Deandre Craig and though the charges are serious enough it's only ATTEMPTED Murder and not murder. 

Prosecutors say Craig shot a man in the chest in a dispute which the victim said, with painful gasping breaths, involved "my baby mama." Lying in on the sidewalk while being tended to by medics, the victim identified the shooter as "Drey" but couldn't say much more due to the extent of his injuries. The victim may have thought this was his dying declaration but surgeons ultimately saved his life from a bullet wound roughly an inch from his heart.

The shooting happened in front of the Olympic Cafe (923 West Broadway) which sits in the middle of what may be the roughest block in North Minneapolis and, therefore, the state.

However, video surveillance footage captured by Olympic Cafe played a key role in bringing charges against...

...Deandre Craig. So hooray for Olympic Cafe. Their food is quite tasty and low-priced if you're not scared to go inside and buy it. Just don't make eye contact with young men sitting inside or it will be presumed you want to make a drug deal. I'm just saying.


A witness at the scene said the shooter was a guy known as "Smurf" and directed police to 2122 Dupont Ave. North where they could find "Smurf."

The address has been listed with great frequency on the JNS blog jail roster. 

 "Smurf" now faces charges of attempted murder and assault with great bodily harm.


Anonymous said...

And we wonder why our area doesn't attract more retail business.

MCullen NE said...

Phenomenal these folks reproduce lucky us.