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Will "Pointergate Politics" Interfere In The Murder Investigation Of James H. Cole, a/k/a J Blockboy Cole? Source Close To Pointergate Drops Nuggets Of Info To JNS Blog...

"Wallpaper" image from the Facebook page of J Blockboy Cole,
used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog
post by John Hoff

Reality Is A Harsh Mental Taskmistress 

Sometimes the best way to untangle the kinks in consensus reality is to first approach matters in a hypothetical way, and then compare how things would go in your sensible hypothetical to the way things are going in reality. 

That's a pretty obtuse abstract sentence, isn't it? Well, allow me to demonstrate. 

Hypothetical Gangs At Imaginary War 

In a hypothetical "West Minneapolis," there is a young guy who calls himself Wyoming TheRealBoss, and proclaims himself "Bossman" of a group called "The Rock Boyz." On his InstaPic account, Wyoming (whose legal name is Gavell Nordon) posts pictures of his firearms and issues written challenges to unnamed enemies, always declaring himself part of the "Rock Boyz." 

At the same time, in the same town, there is a guy named Jimmy John Dole, who proclaims affiliation with... 

...the "Stock Boyz." Jimmy uses a social media service called VisageBook. On "VBook" he is known as "J Stockboy Dole." 

On or about November 10, Jimmy John Dole (J Stockboy Dole) goes out cruising in a car along Wildwood Avenue, looking for his enemies, the Rockboyz. He doesn't find any of his enemies, but posts the video on VBook under the title "Die Wildwud (sic) Rockboyz." To be sure nobody mistakes his meaning, J types the letter "h for homicide" eight times after the title, a meaning commonly understood on "VBook." 

Murder Most Foul (And Most Hypothetical) 

A little more than a week later, Jimmy John Dole is sitting in a vehicle on Bah Humbug Avenue West, with an unnamed female. Dole is shot in the head by an unknown assailant and later dies. The unnamed female is slightly wounded and, of course, terrified.

Now police have to investigate the murder of Jimmy J. Dole, a/k/a J Stockboy Dole. 

Imagine you are a police detective who went to the detective academy for one day awake, then slept through the rest of detective academy, but you were made a detective anyway. 

Who do you want to interrogate at this point? Who do you want to shake like an apple tree and see if some facts and/or admissions fall to the ground about the murder of J Stockboy Cole? 

You want to talk to Gavell Nordon, right? The "president" of the Rockboyz? The guy posting pictures of weapons on InstaPic and issuing challenges to his enemies, right? I mean, if the Rockboyz and Stockboyz are beefing in a public way, and one of the Stockboyz is shot dead, the first person you want to talk to is the "Bossman" of the Rockboyz, right?

Now step out of our hypothetical word and into the real world. 

Holy Hot Potato, Batman! 

Image you are a police detective, and you're told you must go interview Navell Gordon, the self-proclaimed "President" of the "Glockboyz" (see Instagram account of Montana TheRealChief) 

Oh, my word. 


Quite prematurely, Navell Gordon has become the darling of the politically-correct set, who have declared him a young man who was "trying to turn his life around" who was falsely painted with "gang member affiliation" over an "innocent" pointing gesture in a photo opportunity with the Mayor. 

Never mind glaring facts on Instagram, or glaring facts on MNCIS about when exactly Navell was "turning his life around" when as recently as August of this year he was charged with a probation violation over his gun crime. Yes, that would be around the same time he was out door-knocking with NOC. 

Don't confuse me with the facts, say the defenders of Navell Gordon, I've got my politically-correct mind made up! 

So right now it's KSTP against dozens of other prominent media entities including the pointed mockery of The Daily Show. 

Who in their right mind wants to step into that mess? 

Imagine being the policeman told to QUESTION Navell Gordon. Or even, God forbid, told to ARREST Navell Gordon the next time he's accused of violating his probation. 

There's a man dead in the street and police need to investigate. Anybody with sense about how an investigation should be conducted--sense unclouded by politics--knows somebody needs to ask the "President of the Glockboyz" about the death of James H. Cole. 

But, God help the police, the whole thing has become a political hot potato. If they so much as SPEAK to media darling Navell Gordon, they'll be accused of "retaliation," and "intimidation" and "racism" and "brutish police union politics." Welcome to the twisted up political reality of the post-Pointergate world. 

So good luck, MPD. 

Meanwhile, a source VERY close to Pointergate tells JNS blog the following by email:

First, my source says there is a spike in gang violence and the Glockboyz are part of the police investigation into that spike.

Second, my source says the Denny's shooting in Brooklyn Center on November 1 was apparently related to the same spike in gang activity involving the investigation into the Glockboyz. 

Playing coy, my source doesn't tell me exactly where and when the photo of Navell Gordon posing with the Mayor turned up, but seems to hint it was during this police investigation of the Glockboyz following the November 1 shooting at Denny's in Brooklyn Center. 

Source also points to the disturbing timing of the death of James H. Cole only 6 days after his Facebook post "calling out" the Glockboyz. 

And in closing, source tells me...


It ain't over. Police are still talking to KSTP and more is going to come out. 

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Anonymous said...

So how does the Channel 9 report on DNA on the gun, failure to charge Gordon, etc. come into play now? I knew from the time of Channel 5's report and the mayor's furious denial that there was going to be a lot more to this story! Sgt. Garcia gets demoted, Atty. Freeman refuses to prosecute. Has Gordon been "turned" and is snitching?