Sunday, November 23, 2014

Image Obtained By JNS Blog Of The Actual Plush Rainbow Penis Booked Into Evidence By Homicide Investigators Following The Shooting Of James H. Cole, a/k/a J Blockboy Cole...

Image contributed by source used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

For previous coverage about the plush rainbow penis in the possession of James H. Cole (J Blockboy Cole) at the time of his homicide, and actually booked into evidence, reportedly, click here and here.

This image, above, shows the item when it was offered for sale on NoMi Virtual Garage Sale, a Facebook page. I'm told that at the time of his death James Cole had just swung by and took possession of the penis.  

Yes, it was late at night but apparently some people sell plush rainbow penis at that hour and other people are willing to take delivery the same time of night...

When he was shot, Cole was in the company of a young woman who was NOT his regular girlfriend but it's unknown what was his relationship to the young woman. She was wounded in the shooting and turned up later at the Days Inn of Brooklyn Center. 

Who goes to a hotel in another city rather than calling police and ambulance at the scene? And who DROVE her there? I'm just asking. 

Here is more information that was posted about the item for sale, which matches all the particulars provided by the source cited in my second story about the item being originally obtained in Germany, etc. 

Why does it MATTER? Well, because this bizarre aspect of the murder of J Blockboy Coles has proved oddly interesting to a key segment of my readership and fits well with a traditional of North Minneapolis "gallows humor" in the face of our neighborhood's overwhelming murder rate. 

Secondly, it's a cautionary tale for us all. 

IS THIS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE WHEN JESUS CALLS YOU HOME? Driving around in a car with a girl who isn't your regular girlfriend and a giant plush rainbow penis in the booster seat? OK, I don't know that last detail for sure and I'm just speculating, but I would definitely STRAP DOWN THAT ITEM for safety while driving. 

No arrest has been announced in the case nor, for that matter, do we know the name of the female who was wounded. But days before his death J Blockboy Coles "called out" members of the "Gleenwood (sic) Glockboyz" on his Facebook page. Others in the neighborhood say Cole was really more of a wannabe gangster who hung out with a rough crowd but mostly concentrated on going to school for music. 


Anonymous said...

JNS- Do you consider prior to 9:30 late night? Because that's about when news reporters said police arrived on scene... of course- it sounds more mysterious and sexy when you appeal to your viscerally driven audience.

Please tell your source that I'm 90% certain who they are and if they took more than 2 weeks to be on our site they would see that we are a community that takes care of one another, we have fun and when someone is in need, we are pretty selfless at seeing that they don't go without.

You posting the screen shot of the person who had the rainbow penis for sale with her name is 100% complete bull-shit, fair-use game or not. Does she deserve her name out there, open to speculation and really poor tongue in cheek journalism? If J Coles had been by to pick up many of the things he often did for his girlfriend at my house and your source screen shot my name after their was a violent incident that my personal property was somehow being tied in to... things would go sour for your sources reputation in a heart beat, to say the least.

Your hot leads are coming from a damn community garage sale page and if you are so desperate for comedic fodder it wouldn't be hard to do so without naming names... or for that matter just showing a modicum of respect for once and letting this one go .

Did you stop to think that IF your speculations are true that J Coles had this in his possession that the woman whose name is on the screen shot just MIGHT be concerned that the shooter(s) could think that she was around and thus be a potential witness? Well, she and the RP were safe in her house... so tell your source that while I can't prove who they are just as you can't prove the validity of your asinine statements, there is zero respect for what has been done to make a grieving time for this community this much harder as we have to take time to tell you to dummy up about the way in which you are trying to masquerade your attempts to connect dots while pretending that it is all fun and games.

Johnny Northside! said...

"Nine-ish" is certainly "late at night" to be picking up rummage sale items (virtual or otherwise) on somebody's doorstep. It's also "late at night" because in the winter hours it's dark as heck.

Late at night by what I consider the social norms of behavior. There's no disputing it's not the same as three in the morning, however.

Anonymous said...

Why do white folks go to garage sales in NoMi? To get their shit back.

Johnny Northside! said...

I do not approve of the underlying racial tone in the "get their shit back" comment but I am publishing it as substantive First Amendment commentary.