Monday, November 10, 2014

Michael Deangelo Ball Charged With Aggravated Robbery, Here Is The Criminal Complaint...

 Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

After reading a particularly amusing fundraising email from Minnesota Senator Al Franken, I told myself I would publish a "pumpkin spice blog post" before autumn ends with the first snowstorm of Minnesota winter. It would appear I have hours or minutes left to accomplish that goal before we are buried in (so says the forecast) 18 inches of nature's fury.  

So--! Michael Deangelo Ball is reportedly a resident of 3235 Aldrich Ave. N. (Apartment 2) and has been charged with aggravated robbery. Here's a link to the criminal complaint. Generally, it concerns a pedestrian near a bus stop, as is so often the pattern in North Minneapolis.

You can read the gnarly details yourself. As for 3235 Aldrich Ave. N., it is owned by... 

...Mark G. Langmade of Plymouth, Minnesota, but the taxpayer is listed as "Emily's Holdings LLC" of 5570 Pineview Lane N., also of Plymouth. 

This blogger has decided that, for an unknown period of time, I will be emphasizing quantity rather than quality with criminal complaints, simply putting as many of these on the internet as possible without a lot of creative writing and commentary. For many months I have been slacking on the publication of these criminal complaints and need to catch up for a while before North Minneapolis crime gains too much of a lead on North Minneapolis crime reporting. 

So another criminal complaint will follow shortly. 

Also watch for an exciting development on or about November 14 about my jail rosters. These will now be published bi-weekly instead of monthly. 

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