Saturday, November 22, 2014

JNS BLOG MUCKRAKING EXCLUSIVE: Plush Rainbow Penis Was Entered Into Evidence In Shooting Of James H. Cole, a/k/a J Blockboy Cole...

Photo illustration provided by source in attempt to
show what object looked like, here used under a sensible
variant of Fair Comment and Criticism, plus JNS blog
reserves other copyright argument, blog post by John 

 JNS blog keeps its ear so low to the ground raking muck that sometimes my cheek gets splattered with some of the muck. 

This is one of those times.

Plush rainbow penis. 

A source close to facts surrounding the investigation of the shooting death of James H. Cole (J Blockboy Cole) says one item entered into evidence at the shooting scene was a plush rainbow penis; sort of a stuffed toy. 

The illustration above is not an image of the actual object but simply something my source forwarded for illustration purposes. I'm told the rainbow penis in question... 

...was not knitted but a solid plush toy, not a knitted object; yet this picture is reportedly pretty close. 

Why did Cole have a plush rainbow penis in his possession? And who was the woman who left the scene of the shooting and turned up with minor injuries at a hotel in Brooklyn Park? Was this gang related, a robbery gone wrong, or a LOVE TRIANGLE? 

These are mysteries that still await answers in an investigation with red hot political undertones. 

But like JNS blog has asserted since 2008:

Inquiring minds want to know in NoMi. 

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