Thursday, November 27, 2014

(THANKSGIVING 2014) Jeremiah Elijah Blackwell Held On Aggravated Robbery Charge, But Jail Roster Also Lists "Murder"

Christmas Dinner in Afghanistan, but it looked a lot like
a Thanksgiving meal, blog post by John Hoff

It's Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, JNS blog readers! 

Today at the Hennepin County Jail, almost certainly, some rudimentary attempt will be made to serve up a Thanksgiving meal. There will be turkey and mashed potatoes, and a red streak that MIGHT be cranberries. 

Hopefully the sight of that sad, humble Thanksgiving meal in the jailhouse contrasted against memories of much better, much more festive Thanksgiving Day meals will force many in the jail to seriously reconsider their life choices. 

Or, well, ALLEGED life choices. 

One of the guests at today's "jailhouse Thanksgiving" will be be Jeremiah Elijah Blackwell, charged with aggravated robbery. 

However, the jail roster also lists...
...a "probable cause" detention over Murder. But JNS blog is aware of a quirk in the jail roster which sometimes lists Attempted Murder as Murder.

Check out that portion of the roster for yourself:

Sheriff's Custody:IN CUSTODY . .
Housing Location:MINNEAPOLIS CITY HALL Address
Received Date/Time:10/8/2014.. 18:14
Case/CountDescription of ChargeCharged ByReason for ArrestSeverity of ChargeState of ChargeBail InformationCourt Appearance Date/TimeCourt Appearance Location
1/5/2015..09:00DOWNTOWN Address

Blackwell's home address is listed on the roster as 2721 Golden Valley Road, a rental property owned by Michael Dorsey of 1821 Sumter Ave. 

In 2013, Blackwell was found guilty of theft of moveable property.  The online court docket for that charge shows Jeremiah Blackwell also uses the name "Tevin Blackwell." On that charge, he received credit for 19 days and was put on three years of supervised probation. 

In May of this year, while on "supervised probation," Blackwell was again convicted of theft of moveable property. His sentence conditions included staying away from all Macy's stores.

Hey! Macy's is the sponsor of a big Thanksgiving Day parade!

Wow, that totally fits my holiday theme...

It's unknown what murder (or attempted murder) incident Blackwell is suspected of, but JNS blog has its ear to the ground. 

This makes five blog posts in a row referencing murder or attempted murder. 

Quite a sad and notable red streak.



Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this article which is apropos of much NoMi trouble and contains this gem of a quote "men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters." At the root of the problem of the jailed is intemperance, a lack of self control.

Anonymous said...

Go to any local grocery store checkout line and you can watch children being taught "intemperance".

Drive down any residential street on a warm evening and you can see children being taught a lack of self control.

We don't have a legal problem, we have a social enforcement problem because we look the other way as social dysfunction manifests itself in our community at a very young age.

We don't provide opportunities for those willing to escape this cycle and we pander to the well off communities who resist any social responsibility as we continue to consolidate poverty with public funding under the guise of a cure.

Aaron Neumann said...

A 20-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of killing a man after he got off a Metro Transit bus in September.

Jeremiah Elijah Blackwell is charged with second-degree murder in the Sept. 21 shooting death of Eulalio Gonzalez-Sanchez, 36, in Northeast Minneapolis. Police said it was a robbery gone wrong.

1915bung said...

How do robberies go right?

Anonymous said...

Ask the community that perpetrates the majority of the crimes and you will never get an an honest response. You be the judge on what I am posting and check your own facts. No race specified here.

Johnny Northside! said...

You are sick and obsessed. Always the same crap about race, race, race submitting one comment after another and getting most of them rejected. What is wrong with you? Have your head examined.

No, wait.

Your heart.

Anonymous said...

If you have your reality scrub washed and your presumptions about what ethnic background I am referring to in the post.
Maybe I tricked you subconsciously to let the people see your "heart". What race, John, am I referring to in your assumptions? How does an amateur "journalist" all of a sudden become the barometer on what the definition of reality is?
Race will always be the elephant sitting in the room and will NEVER be honestly debated because one race will always have it thrust in their face while the other one practice's it with vigor and hardly ever called on it. That is reality, my fiend.

Johnny Northside! said...

Why in the name of all that is holy do you have an apostrophe on the word "practices?" There is a line between typographical error and insanity. You, sir, have crossed it.

Anonymous said...

MY FIEND's, BITCH's ass white boy's like you do nothing but taunt the Black community ...your practice's overwhelm's my typographically insane existence, boy. You thin'k's you da shit and maybe it is time you ate some...boy.

Anonymous said...

check into this one please

Received Date/Time: 12/2/2014.. 18:44