Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here Is The Complete Federal Indictment Document Against 1-9 Dipset And Stick Up Boys Written About In Dozens Of Other Media...

Facebook image of Nitelen Jackson used under First Amendment
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Click here to view the federal criminal indictment. 

Every major media entity in the region did a story about the recent federal charges against members of 1-9 Dipset and the Stick Up Boys. (The actual gang members spell it "Sticc Up Boyz.") But none of those media entities--none I could find, anyway--provided a link to the actual federal indictment, which is quite voluminous and full of detail.

Personally, I like to read all the nitty gritty and I also like to provide it for my readers. Not always in that order. I'll actually be sharing it before I have a change to read it, myself.

So I guess we'll go on this journey of discovery together.  

Pictured above, Nitelen "King Nite" Jackson, named in the federal complaint. 

(Sarcasm font) Small-minded, judgmental people should not mistake his perfectly innocent pointy finger gesture for some kind of "gang sign." (End sarcasm font) 


Anonymous said...

But that is the stickup boys actual sign, with he middle finger pushed out as the trigger and the thumb cocked. The police in their wisdom (and perhaps you in your sarcasm) don't see the difference between this and a straight finger, fist and thumb. Also known as pointing.

Anonymous said...

You have to be a complete fool to take a picture with a gun....i tell you young adults these days. I feel really sorry for their actions.

Nate James said...

Fuck y'all bitch free my squad S.U.B. 1~9 SkitzSquad ScarFace