Saturday, November 1, 2014

SPAM SPAM SPAM!!!! With My Spam Thread UTTERLY MAXED OUT, JNS Blog Is Forced To Create New Spam Sanctuary...

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IGNORE this blog post if hyper-technical aspects of blogging do not interest you...

Quite some time ago, in an attempt to make use of the couple thousand spam comments I reject weekly (by repeatedly pushing "delete all" and getting rid of them 50 at a time) I created a unique thread where spam would actually be allowed...there and nowhere else. 

Click here.

However, recently I discovered my spam thread was MAXED OUT at 6,752 comments. 

I must confess, I've been ignoring and neglecting my little coop of colorful spam critters after taking such care to build them a spam sanctuary, which I DO NOT refer to as a "spanctuary." 

Pronounced "spank-shoo-ary." (Eye roll) 

My last spam comment--number 6,752--was posted on March 10 of this year. 

Check out what it says. I'm making a point, here. 

I love to disseminate understanding that I've accumulated through the calendar year to assist
improve group efficiency.

Feel free to visit my site Leuchtenhersteller

To which I say: Leuchtenhersteller? What the heck is THAT? 

Well, whatever it is, it's a pretty unique term and I want anybody searching for that term to find their way HERE.  So I made a little "leuchtenhersteller" meta-tag. (Pee Wee Herman smile and laugh as I hold up my handicrafted homemade object for audience admiration)  

I want to harness the spam to push myself higher in search engines, KA-CHING!!!!  It has always been my nature to seek new forms of utility in ignored and discarded resources. I believe it's a lot of the reason I was put on this earth. 

Will my mad scheme work? NOT SURE. But I'm having fun. If you're not having fun, well, YOU'RE NOT HAVING FUN. 

Anyway, THIS THREAD RIGHT HERE is the new spam sanctuary. 

Here, gentle little spam critters will be safe. They won't be rejected, deleted, sworn at...they'll just be free to be themselves.  

Or they can be Chinese. Whatever floats their boat.  

What more is there to say except...

Here, spammy spammy spammy!!! 

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