Saturday, November 22, 2014

JNS Blog Slowly Getting Sucked Into Pointergate Media Storm, AYEEEEEE!!!! See Email Between KSTP's Jay Kolls And Mayoral Aide Kate Brickman...

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticism, JNS blog also asserts a public safety exception
to copyright, blog post by John Hoff

Some readers might think, based upon a recent editorial I wrote speculating that "Pointergate politics" could potentially interfere in the murder investigation of James H. Cole (J Blockboy Cole) (pictured above) that I am commenting on Pointergate.

Dear God. No.

Actually, I am TRYING SO HARD TO RESIST commenting on this thing called #Pointergate. I am holding back because there is an essential piece of the story missing and it's like one shoe has dropped, but we are waiting breathless for the other shoe to drop. What is that missing piece, you might ask...

It is this: 

Where did the infamous "Pointergate" image come from? That is the missing piece. On whose Facebook page, whose social media, was that image originally found? What comments and captions were made on the photo and by who? What is the missing context? With so much of the story MISSING, and so much of the country appearing to have MADE UP ITS MIND, JNS blog is reluctant to leap into the middle of a social media maelstrom. 

Don't roll your eyes, dear readers. Sometimes I do have a bit of tact and sometimes I do hang back from a red hot controversy. 

But it appears JNS blog is getting SLOWLY....SUCKED...INTO... THE MIDDLE OF THIS CONTROVERSY. 

Check out this link, click here, to a blog story on MPR. Emails between KSTP reporter Jay Kolls and the mayor's office are coming loose under open record requests. And in a recent email, Jay Kolls links to a story here on Johnny Northside about the death of J Blockboy Cole. The death took place not long after J Blockboy Cole wrote "Die Gleenwood Glockboykkkkkkkk" on Facebook and posted a video.

The self-proclaimed "President" of the Glockboyz is (it's been stated often enough here on JNS blog) none other than Navell Gordon, the guy at the center of "Pointergate."

It should be POINTED OUT (I can't help myself) that JNS blog didn't first make the connection between murder victim James H. Cole and the "J Blockboy Cole" Facebook page with its message about how a Gleenwood (sic) Glockboy should die. That was dug up on True North Facebook page and JNS blog just drafted off that tailwind. 

Even at the recent press conference about federal indictment of members of the 1-9 Dipset and Stick Up Boys, reporters were asking about Pointergate's connection to the Stick Up Boys. The reply by United States Attorney Andy Luger was that the subject was fit for The National Enquirer, see this article linked here, bottom of article. 

I hear there are more revelations coming about Pointergate. But the biggest unanswered question is this: 

Where did the image come from, before it appeared in our world like Athena springing, fully grown, from the head of Zeus? My source HINTS (but doesn't say directly) the image emerged while police were investigating a November 1 shooting incident in Brooklyn Park and were scrutinizing social media of individuals they suspected might be involved.  


Anonymous said...

I think the reporters name is Jay Kolls. Not J Kolls. Odd that the reporter is Jay Kolls and this recent gang shooting is Jay Cole.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes, I had "J Kolls" and changed it to "Jay Kolls" after your comment. It is eerie that the reporter is Jay Kolls and the dead guy is J Cole. I think it's the universe showing its weirdness.